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10 reasons why you must invest in Dubai property

reasons to invest in Dubai property

Dubai has always been an attractive tourist destination. But it has now slowly becoming a business hotspot. This drastic change in the condition of Middle East is because of the strategic location of Dubai and the business investment opportunities present there. Being tax haven, Dubai provided lots of advantages and tax benefits to the overseas business setup. So, investing in Dubai property is a good deal in today’s time.

Given below are certain reasons to show why you must invest in Dubai property:-

Expo 2020 is coming to Dubai

World expo is going to held in Oct 2020 which is going to attract 180 nations along with approx 25 million visitors. The location of the expo has now become talk of the town regarding the investment in nearby properties there.

Investors who are buying property near to expo location are going to get high return on investments. Millions of people are going to visit the expo for continuous 6 months which will increase the demand of rental property. Rental demand will be high increasing the probability for the landlords to provide hike in rents.

Soon to be the Happiest city in the world

With the initiative of creation of Ministry Of happiness in 2016 Dubai has made itself really clear about the social responsibility the Government holds and must take care of. The primary duty of the Ministry is to develop policies and programmes which will improve the happiness level of Dubai residents.

High return on investment

With the rise on population Dubai’s real estate market is maturing. Investors are aware of the future aspects and associated growth which is why they are investing in property to supply the boost in rent demand.

Booming tourism industry

Dubai has always been attractive tourist location which made it an important investment destination as well. The construction of new hotels and real estate projects is the direct outcome of Dubai’s ever growing tourism sector.

The Museum of the future

The Museum of the future offers advanced courses on new scientific achievements and trends. It is a technological museum in Dubai which contributes the mission of Dubai to become a global innovation centre. This has also been a museum for prototyped ideas.

Low crime rate

Dubai has low crime rate which is one of those important factors which make Dubai as an attractive investment destination. Even if you leave your wallet visible in your car, it is unlikely that it will be stolen. Your things and belongings will be safe.

Superior transportation routes

With the continuous advancement in transportation facilities, Dubai has become an important hub of new technologies. The U.S based hyper loop one is creating a quick route between Abu Dhabi from Dubai.

No annual property taxes

Dubai’s real estate market is free from taxation. So, making investment here is a good deal. Commercial or residential property purchase does not attract any tax. Once the owner has purchased the property he is not liable for any additional taxation in future.

Population growth

With the rise in population property projects launches are also on rise in Dubai. It has been estimated that Dubai’s population in 2016 was 2.4 million which is going to be 5.2 million by 2030.

Entertainment and gourmet restaurants

Being a tourist hotspot Dubai provides unique experience with luxurious spas, desert safaris, skydiving, water parks, and beaches. Dubai has also been famous for its rich gourmet restaurants from each region.

 investment in Dubai property

After reading the above content, anybody can be driven for property investment in Dubai. Dubai has so much to offer in terms of return of investments, tourism, entertainment and others.



Author: Sarah Smith

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