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10 Ways to Convince Your Client That WordPress Is the Best CMS

Numerous content management systems (CMS) are available in market place. Client often get confused as to how the web developers and designers use the content management systems. WordPress has reputation as more of blogging platform rather than a CMS. But wordpress is much more than just a blogging platform. So how to convince the client about the accessibility of the wordpress.

What is a Content management system?

It is software to create, modify and publish the content online. It provides relaxation from hard core programming language and is easily understandable.

Why WordPress?

So, here are certain ways you can convince your client as to how the wordpress is the best CMS:

  • Easy access: it is easy to install and use. No need to install the complete WordPress website. No need to know the programming language to access it. It comes with desired templates and plug in. Its installation does not take much time. You just need to read and follow the given instructions.
  • Save money: it is ready to use CMS. It is not like other CMS which have got expensive licenses.
  • SEO friendly: this one plugin understand the complexity of WebPages. It contains various plugins which can be synced with the SEO aspect of website. It makes working on the WebPages very comfortable
  • Less hectic: wordpress as a CMS provide plugins and themes to the user and make it easy for the user to design and understand the working.
  • Flexible\versatile: being flexible is quite an impressive feature of wordpress. This platform is used by various businesses and industries around the globe. It helps in building blogs, ecommerce websites and portfolio websites and so on. It can enhance the content of website to a great extent.
  • Most popular CMS: with greater access its popularity has increased. 18% of the websites uses wordpress as a CMS. It has number of plugins and templates which has added to the popularity of it.
  • Easily customisable: it is easy to customize the website in wordpress. Unlike any other CMS where the turnaround time would be longer.
  • User friendly: with easy access and free plugins, it is very easy to work on wordpress.
  • URL customisation: URL too can be customised by placing the right keywords in the URL which will definitely increases the suitability of the website.
  • Device optimised: this CMS can be on variety of platforms. As people prefer to work more on mobiles rather than desktop, wordpress can be used anywhere and with any plugins.

WordPress Design

These are certain pros of WORDPRESS as a CMS which are primarily considered and are worth aligned to.


Author: Sarah Smith

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