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10 website design tips to maximize sales during the shopping season

maximize sales during the shopping season

Being an entrepreneur, you would wish to motivate your customers to buy more from your websites boost sales. This step is referred to as conversion. If you notice too much traffic and lesser conversions on your webpage, then you need to figure out the reason behind it. Honestly, a lot of factors contribute to the issue.

Why Website Designing is Important to Lure Customers?

Website design can have a robust impact on your potential buyers and their preferences. According to research evidence, an assessment of the product takes around 90 seconds. And the buyers render the websites only a fraction of that given time. Believe it or not, 94% of the first impression is related to website design.

More so, an approx. 75% of the users will have your brand image judged according to your website design. Most of your webpage visitors aren’t always paying a visit to buy products, but are rather scouting options and comparing your webpage with your competitor WebPages.

Here are some secrets to web designing that will aggrandize your sales during the sales and discount season.

1.) Color of Your Website Can Determine the Increase in Sales
According to leading businesses, a quick transformation of the CTA (call-to-action) button’s color to another like for instance from green to red, or red to green can result in a whopping boost in conversions. You might also want to know; that red and green are often the colors struggled by people with deficiencies and color blindness.
If the target audience of your website is women, concentrate on having green, purple, blue, or pink theme website design. For men, you can consider choosing black, green, blue, orange.

2.) Product Videos Can Boost Your Conversions
Product videos can prove in a boost of conversions and sales. The amount differs; however, some businesses claim there is an increase in conversions as much as 144%. The service-based companies and B2B businesses can put the videos into use and share their business stories with the world.

3.) Make Your Website User-Friendly
Ensure to put the essential information “above the fold”. Stop forcing people to browse and search for what they need. Make easy navigation features, so your users can simply find items that aren’t available on your first page.

4.) Make A Transparent Unique Value Proposition
Figure out what is your UVP? If you are unaware then that would be your first issue. Your second problem is if your UVP isn’t clear to your website visitors. Make it prominent right upfront as to why they must choose your brand.

5.) Put Out Trust Symbols
The trust symbols like your business certifications and logos, reviews, and badges are some of the prime examples of trust symbols. You might also display industry-related symbols and security seals. The customer testimonials serve-up the same purpose, and you can put them out as well. Your agenda is to reaffirm your brand reliability for customers.

6.) Dole Out Free Discounts
If you are providing free items, make sure the word ‘free’ is written in bold letters. Your website must be self-explanatory as to why your websites must be trusted or how your business is exclusively tailor-made as per your customer requirements.

7.) Seek for Short Forms from Customers
Potential buyers do not wish to reveal their six-digit information, name of their pets, their last name, their state, or city name just for the sake of download. So, rather than asking for their zip code, email address and or their first name. If you are presently using a captcha test, you might wish to turn it off to witness a difference in the response rate, sans accelerating your spam.

8.) Choose Virtual Chat to Interact with Customers
More and more people are now opting for an online chat while browsing through options and when they are clueless regarding size, color or product quality. Even if your buyers do not wish to chat, they would understand that the virtual chat option is available on your webpage. This alone can lead them to trust your brand, business or products that you offer.

9.) Your Headlines Must Be Able to Address Customer Redresses
The big, bold and catchy headlines must be powerful enough to address all the concerns and problems that your potential clients might be having in regards to your offered services, or products. Irrespective of the customer concerns, you must have them addressed prominently through your headlines.

10.) Avoid Cluttering Your Webpage with Too Much Content and Symbols
A jam-packed webpage not only looks weird but can confuse your customers’ high-time. Too much content, symbols and logo will lead to difficulty in accessing the needful options. More so, it becomes extremely daunting for tech-challenged people to understand your webpage and they go clueless as to where and how to contact the webpage or buy products. Too much confusion can lead them exit your webpage and move on to your competitor website. is one of the leading names for eCommerce development which uses advance technology to bring solutions to all your website-related problems. More so, they help generate better ROI through their effective web designing techniques, all of which promise 100% results.


Author: Sarah Smith

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