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15 Marketing Tools You Need to Dominate Your Social Strategy

social media marketing tools

Social media has become part of daily life now. Without that no one can imagine his/ her life. With the advent of social media people have become more aware, more conscious about what’s going on in the world. Social media platform has become the biggest and the targets platform to expose yourself as an individual, as a company or brand.

Social media platform is used as a marketing tool to get exposure. But as it is always said, for every success you need to have a strategy to work on. Market competition is huge and without strategy you would not be able to survive. For those strategies we have 15 marketing tools which will help you in getting ore business leads.

Following the marketing tools:



This tool allows the user to turn video clips, photos and music into video slideshows. This has been in great demand and has attracted lot of visitors in single day. Video is a great way to attract the audience and keep them engaged. Animoto is the best tool which can help with that.
This tool gave access to large number of templates, themes and music stock as well to give depth to the video being formed. Facebook is the recent platform which has got this feature while not other platforms have this facility.


grumThis tool allows you to schedule your instagram post and that will be published automatically where you need not to click on “post” button. This has other advantage that you can access instagram from your PC. You can also swap between different instagram accounts on the fly without signing in or out.


venngageThis tool provides various templates to create a design suitable for Infographic content or presentation slides. With the help of this you do not need any graphic designing. You just need to add content to the template. Customization options are also available for the complete brand promotion. Creating visual content is top priorities now days.
Info graphics has been among the most engaging form of content being posted these days now.



This platform has been in most demand for quality content curation. This tool has been used several people to make online presence. Marketers and influencers submit their content under strict review guidelines. Once approved it has been sent to allotted title head. From their people can pick up the suitable curated content and use it on social media platform. It is also a promotional tool to help you grow to share your own blogs and increase your reach.


bufferNumbers of tools are available for social media content scheduling, but this tool has gained a lot in terms of functionality. With the help of buffer, one can schedule content for different dates and time for different social media accounts. Buffer integrates with the number of other applications for content curation.

If This Then That (IFTTT)

IFTTTEverything cannot be scheduled on social media. There are lots of task this has to be done manually. But engagement with multiple social media accounts and working on that manually is a tedious task. To manage these tedious tasks, use IFTTT.
IFTTT integrates number of other actions, which will be followed by other action when a particular action occurs. Like, get an email when you are mentioned on reddit etc.
Automation of these small processes will save lots of time.


canvaIt is a tool made for those who are not skilled creative or have access to designers. As visual content is very important, this requirement makes this tool popular. This is a browser based designer tool used by non designers to make quality images for their website at one go.

Viral content Bee

It is a social media promotional tool which will help in sharing your content by others automatically. You can put your content in front of those who are most likely to share your content on social media platforms.

Facebook messenger

Facebook messenger can be integrated with your business strategy to improve the user experience and get more traffic.

Brand 24

brand 24It is particularly used for keeping track of brand mention on social media. With multiple social media platforms in use and expansive social space keeping track of all your activity is not easy.
With the help of this tool you would be able to keep an eye on the activities when your brand name got mentioned on social media. This way you will keep a track of your activities and the conversation between the customer and the prospects.

Rival IQ

rival IQThis tool compares your social engagement rate along with your best performing content among competitors that you have specified.

bit.lyThis has been well known for Url shorter. This can also be used to create custom links for different social media platforms. It keeps the track of total click on particular url. This is an exceptional way to see the content performance and the most effective platform for the result generation.


buzzsumoThis is the best tool to find the hot topics on social media. With just few keyword search you would be able to get the information about the content liked by the audience. And the best part is you can trace the content back to the influencer and in way get connections on social media platform for your work.

Post planner

post planner
This tool helps you in finding the most shared articles on social media. Along with this you will get tons of topics ideas you can use to update your status.


respondThis will link your social media account to customer care streamlined service experience. All your accounts and their details can be managed from a single window. With the usage of Response, user experience can be improved by tackling the issues quickly as the information is being available at one single space for the quick response from the customer care team.

social media marketing

Social media tools are continuously evolving. No tool is prefect and no tool is the best. Every tool has utility according to the requirement. Plan out your business strategy and then decide on the tools you want to work with to get the best channelized result for the better user experience and the results.




Author: Sarah Smith

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