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37th GITEX Technology Week Dubai

37th GITEX Dubai

GITEX (“Gulf Information Technology Exhibition”) is an annual consumer electronics and computer trade show conference and exhibition that take place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

37th Gitex Technology Week Dubai
37th Gitex Technology Week Dubai

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Its trade shows or exhibitions have attracted numerous participants in the Middle East, most notably in 2009 with 150,019 people present.

The GITEX Shopper & Consumer Electronics Expo attracts ICT suppliers and retailers such as, Etisalat, Gateway Group, Dell, 50 Cent, and RedHat. The consumer participants include IT professionals, technology enthusiasts, students and consumers as well as regional traders.

Glorious history

It was fort launched in 1981 as GITE. It then occupied hall one of Dubai world trade centre. With the launch of MacWorld in 1998, it got a boom and occupied two halls of the exhibition centre.

Gitex 2009 had 150019 visitors which represented 121 nationalities. This shows how much popular this platform has been since its launch.
In 2012 event the percentage of people turned up from various regions are 13% from the America, 19% from Africa, 4% from East and South Asia and 4% from Europe, 60% from Middle East. There was a gradual increase in 2012 of 24% from that of 2011.

In Cairo too it was launched in 1998 but later the exhibition got postponed in 2002.

Gitex has been in news for being a platform where consumers, retailers, suppliers, enthusiasts all come at a place under one roof, have discussions which will be fruitful in the future. Gitex in 2016 come up with focus on cutting edge technology that is Robotics and Drones.

37th GITEX Technology Week 2017-(8th Oct- 12th Oct 2017)

37th Gitex technology week is round the corner. People from round the world has been turning up for this big event in Dubai UAE. Whether it is about a retailer, supplier, or consumer people round the world are eager to be a part of this trade show. With this technology week one has so much to gain about technology and coming up trends. Tech pioneers and visionary’s, business leaders and IT professionals love to be a part of this trade show to experience the most advanced and attractive technology to drive digital transformation. This exhibition is the future of work.

Being a part of Gitex exhibition is a life time and honorable experience for people. The exhibition is supported by most successful and brightest organization leading digital transformation and proved to be a game changer in providing technology solutions to the Middle East. It includes Accenture (digital transformation partner), CISCO (smart cities vertical partner, TOSHIBA (mobile app title sponsor), HUAWEI (ICT transformation partner) and others.

Industries associated with GITEX:

1. Gitex for marketing: exploring the marketing future with GITEX is a good exposure. It is made up of people keen to drive a change in marketing industry. Leading brands, CMOs, agencies, investors is present to share their success stories.

2. Gitex for healthcare: GITEX for Healthcare will explore on how technology is helping us live healthier and longer lives. The world’s leading medtech startups, CMIO’s, physicians, investors and people will help in understanding how health affected by this digital age in which we’re living. Using Smart systems and robots for healthcare services: Using automation to assist human doctors, provide diagnostics and other applications. Developing personalized medicine through the use of innovative processes and data (digital medical society).

3. Gitex for Smart cities: this would be an exclusive platform for the people like government leaders and industry experts to address the city challenges. This conference will bring 30+ global influencers to share their experiences and thoughts. This exhibition would be about how smart cities would look like, security threats and potential risks. Will work on several case studies as well.

4. Gitex for retail: will cover the topics like frictionless payment, virtual reality, 3D printing, block chain and personalization, virtual stores.

5. Gitex for finance: will talk about impact of fintech disruptors to banking industry, working on block chain and its future impact, discussing the usage of predictive analytics to improve customer experience.

6. Gitex for smart manufacturing: will provide us the insight of the roadmap for future of factory through new technologies. It includes government strategy for industry 4.0 in GCC and about the vision form here, virtual ecosystem for industry, intelligent manufacturing etc.

7. Gitex for tech leaders: innovation is the key factor which will drive way to success. Companies now a days focus more on developing their talent to produce future pioneers and innovators. The session will look at important factors like education, entrepreneurship, diversity, and training to nourish the building block in fostering leadership. The leaders from various private, public and education sectors would come up at one platform to discuss the best way in developing the industry.

8. Gitex for Transportation: will explore new business models and technology to lead to smart mobility transformation. Will discuss about new solutions for shared mobility, innovative means of transportation, new city dynamism, congestion etc.

9. Gitex for Education: will cover the topics including; smart connected campus, 3D printing transforming education, Data analytics etc.

GITEX 2017

GITEX has come up with an initiative to provide technological updates evolving and create awareness. GITEX has made progress in the field of web design and website development. So be a part of GITEX, visit their exhibition and be progressive.


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