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4 Trends That Will Shape (or Continue to Shape) Content Marketing in 2018

content marketing trends in 2018

Content marketing is expected to be the revamping factor in creating brand awareness and acquiring new customers. Content marketing is a field which is continuously evolving and has a lot to provide in terms of customers and branding.Content marketing is expected to be the revamping factor in creating brand awareness and acquiring new customers. Content marketing is a field which is continuously evolving and has a lot to provide in terms of customers and branding.

This can be proved right as the growth in 2017 in businesses has seen a great hike compared to 2016 with respect to content marketing. Content marketing has proved to be one of the major factors which have contributed to the development of business in terms of branding and awareness. This has created lot of business opportunity for the entrepreneurs as they have got a platform to expose their business or their brand to the outer world. In this context several content marketing trends in 2018 will follow.

Content marketing trends which are expected to follow in 2018 are:-

• Content production

Content marketing was earlier considered to be the cup of tea for small businesses as this does not require high amount of budget or any other formality which need huge investment. But now brands like Apple, Facebook have also started investing huge amount  in this sphere of original content as content is the driving force in today’s time for all types of business.

In 2018 it has been expected that with the New Year new paradigm shift will take place where because of huge investment in content marketing will make it more competitive with other types of marketing.So, it is up to you who, if determined enough to produce the quality content, will be able to cope up the challenges waiting ahead in terms of competition in the market. You need to get assistance from a content team who will guide you in the best way about new market practices.

• Video marketing

According to the Cisco, video will take 90% of the place on internet by 2019.It has been said that video is the future of content marketing. Along with this nearly 64% of the marketers have said that video will soon be going to overtake their content marketing strategies.Live streaming is another emerging trend which is dominating content marketing domain. Several brands are using this innovative technique to acquire the customers in the best possible way.Live video is grabbing the attention of the customers as the videos show what is happening behind the scenes, allowing the customers to know better about the brand and build their trust.

• Content personalization

This has been considered to be as one of the flourishing fields which will dominate the content marketing. Content personalization will prove to be beneficial to those who have adopted it and are using it for customer acquisition. Content personalization is not an easy task. It needs team effort which manages to create a database of the probable customers so that the right information would be made available to the right customer at the right time. This increases the probability of getting the conversions.

• User generated content

Brands now a day’s are using user generated content where the people share their different life experiences and other things on social media. This technique has proved to be a better option for customer acquisition. This is so because according to human behavior people do trust the choices and actions of the other people. In fact, they trust the content made by other people rather than the brands’ own content.UGC can be seen more prevalent on instagram where brands can easily use hashtags and create stories. This will eventually increases the visibility and user engagement which will result in increasing brand awareness.Web design is equally important which will also play an important role  in driving the customers but content marketing is the core factor to be in focus.

content marketing 2018

So, the future of content marketing has proven to be a game changer for many business. Use content marketing and its upcoming trends to get the best results in the form of customers and conversions.


Author: Sarah Smith

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