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4 Underutilized Schema Markup Opportunities That Impact SEO Marketing

Schema Markup is the latest evolution in the field of SEO. This method of optimization is quite powerful but at the same time is the least-utilized technique in enhancing SEO. The users need to first understand and grasp the concept of schema markup so that they can utilize the method to boost the position of their website in the SERPs.

Professionals engaged in services of SEO are now using several opportunities of schema markup to enhance the visibility of their client’s website. Structured data is one of the elements of this technique which offers multiple benefits for optimization of a website. Although the technique does not directly enhance rankings of websites but definitely have an indirect impact on the positioning of the websites.

Discussed below are some of the least-utilized opportunities of schema markup which offer great advantages when leveraged effectively:

Schema markup

Schema Markup Opportunities

The Organization Schema Markup: This element in the schema markup has several things related to branding which you can include in the graph panels offering knowledge to the users. The inclusion of alternate names of your brand, email address and contact number in the knowledge panel are certain vital things which can offer increased conversions and customer engagement at the website.

The App Schema Markup: This opportunity must be utilized by all the companies who have their own apps for the smartphone users. This helps to leverage the application even more and thus offers a great user experience. As such, you can expect that the download of your app by the users can increase considerably if the opportunities of schema markup are utilized in an optimum manner.

The Image Gallery of The Schema Markup: This tool helps in marking up the various images that are present in your gallery. Some companies have product pages on their website which consist of four to five images. Using this markup tool, the images can be boosted which automatically impacts the pages. Google can easily identify the images and use them in displaying several results to the users. So, highlight your images and it is sure to have a positive impact on the SEO of your website.

The Person Markup Schema: Several companies list the profiles of their employees on their websites. This is done for the knowledge of the executive team and other interested parties. A markup of the information of the photo, name, and title of the employees can help in enhancing the search results.

Person Markup Schema

So you see the more knowledge your website can offer to the visitors, the more you can establish your visibility on the online platform. SEO experts are also recommending implementation of schema markup for the future of any online business.


Author: Sarah Smith

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