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5 Not-So-Common Tactics To Supercharge Your Online Visibility

uncommon SEO tactics

Online visibility is a pre requisite in today’s time. In today’s era every second person owns a smart phone and has internet access. This makes online visibility a crucial part of brand promotion. Your online presence is the customer’s first interaction with your brand. For increasing the search results and improving the brand image you need to have online visibility.

Many organizations miss this opportunity of using digital marketing techniques to increase visibility. For the same you need to have a website which will give access to online visibility. Deploying the right kind of digital marketing techniques and right  SEO services will have major impact your online visibility, your website traffic and revenue.

The following are the areas of potential impact which can change your online visibility results to a great extent:

Use outgoing links to lift your search engine ranking
It has been mistaken for long that outbound links will diminish your sites authority. While the actual aspect it, if the outbound links are from a genuine and affective source. Use outbound links often but make sure that the outbound links are well connected, reputable and technically sound pages. Always keep your audience in mind while using outbound links. Your links should be relevant and must be useful for the audience.

Win higher rankings using your competitor’s broken pages
Links are the most important factor for goggle ranking. Every digital marketing advertisement shows the importance of back links and link building is the most important criteria for gaining rank online.

Broken link building method is the important task for attracting high quality baclinks for the website. This is an SEO strategy where you can attract and steal high quality white hat links from the competitor’s site.
For this, find the error pages (404) on your competitor’s website which are relevant. Use “screaming Frog SEO spider” or “check my links” to get the 404 pages which the competitors is avoiding. Use this list and run them through Ahref tool to find the websites which are linking to that error page. Then introduce yourself to the webmaster of those websites and similarly find other alternatives.

In this way you would be able to build relationship with webmaster of the third party along with finding new resources to create back links.

Note the importance of testimonials to get links and exposures
Every company loves to show off what the customer’s are saying about their product. this is another form of creating branding image. No matter what the company is capable of, this would definitely help in increasing the conversion rate. One of the most important way to increase brand visibility, endorsements, increasing social media interaction is the right use of testimonials on the website.

Use these testimonials to generate back links is not that difficult task.
Make a list of all the products and the website. Use those operators on Google to define the pages where those testimonials are displayed. After finding the right pages, check if it has “no follow” this will make you check if the testimonials link to the customer site has full follow link.

When you find the pages, write your testimonials and make sure that you mention that you would be delighted if the write up displayed with the back links to our website which increases the credibility of the website.

Maximize your day-to-day email with a super signature
Continuous email to the subscribers, customers, teammates and friends proves to be a great marketing tool.
Take your business to the next level with the use of super signature. This will elevate your traditional email signature by increasing traffic and conversions to the website.
Don’t forget to add call to action. This will help I engaging people with your brand and spend time on your website.

Buy advertising space on post-purchase thank-you pages
If you are thinking of the most valuable customers, let me tell you, these are the ones who have travelled the whole way and came down to purchase a product. A thank you page is a perfect way to show your gratitude.
You have never thought of buying an advertising space on thank you page. But this is the most important location for the conversions and promoting your business.

uncommon SEO techniques

So, when it comes down to online visibility and its value, who knows it better than the one who owns the company. It is a must for running any business. Implement these uncommon SEO techniques to increase your business visibility.



Author: Sarah Smith

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