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6 Easy Tips to Improve Website Loading Times

Web Page Loading Times

The phrase “every second count” literally holds true for the loading time of any website. Therefore, speed is essential if you wish to boost your viewers and convert them into customers.In the realm of the internet, a speedy web page equates to success. So if you are in search of the best ways to improve your website speed and skyrocket the number of viewers, you are in the right place.

Why speed is important

Why speed is important

To better understand what makes a website success, it is essential to know the underlying factors that a successful website employs. The element of Web Design though important to any site is not the only point of focus responsible for its success. It is the speed and smoothness of browsing the website that makes a difference. An ideal website should have a loading time, not more than five seconds and anything more than that will result in a decrease in viewers.

How to increase your website speed?

increase your website speed

Simplicity equates to speed: Each element that a website employs such as pictures, style sheets, etc. send out HTTP requests individually when a viewer tries to visit the site. Therefore,having less content will naturally equate to lesser use of bandwidth no matter what the browsing speed of the net is.

Using Content Delivery Networks: if a viewer from the UK tries to open a page from Dubai, it is natural that the speed will be quite low due to the time information takes to pass from one server to the other. This problem can easily be solved by replication the website across all domains.

Use of less Media content: Using high-quality images in a website slows down the speed, but videos take up even more bandwidth. Therefore reducing or eliminating videos from the site is sure to be helpful.

Minimizing and compressing: This too has a significant effect on the reduction of the bandwidth that a website uses. Less bandwidth equals to more speed. Therefore, it is essential to reduce and compress the file size when and where possible.

Use of PageSpeed Insights: Such a web application designed by Google Developers needs no introduction. It is a third party website that takes your web page and removes the hidden factors that take up more bandwidth in your site and is quite popular among website designers and developers.

Optimization: Not always a website can be exempt from the use of pictures and videos. In such a case it is necessary to apply overall optimisation to keep the bandwidth usage as low as possible. Eliminating unnecessary design and style sheets, using simple forms of arrangements, and the use of thumbnails for preliminary views of both the picture and the videos can work wonders.

Google Developers

The ultimate aim of any website is functionality. Therefore, having the speed makes the real difference. Research has shown that a delay of a single second result in a decrease of almost 10 to 15% views and customer satisfaction with 5 to 7 per cent loss in conversations. This is a considerable amount if you take into account the number of people who view similar sites.

With a slow website, you could be potentially losing thousands of customers and viewers every second. Therefore, personalise and optimise your site today to make it a success among viewers


Author: Sarah Smith

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