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7 Elements to Consider When Planning Your Site Design

elements of web design

While your business is based on so many factors out of those web design is one of the most important factors. A website is the identity of the business. It must reflect what it possesses in the name of product of services. Along with this, there are other elements too which has to be kept in while before moving further with web design process.

So, given below are certain guidelines to follow when you are planning for web design:-

Follow Google’s guidelines
While web designing and the later process also you need to keep in mind that the Google’s guidelines have been strictly followed. if any mistake or irregularity found by the search engine you do not want to or cannot afford to be penalized by it.

Social media integration
Do not forget to integrate your website to social media platforms. These are the largest source of getting online visibility and more exposure. It makes you available at all those platforms where there is probability of users to find you like on Facebook, Instagram and twitter.

A great design
A great design is the first thing which would attract a user. Make your website easy to navigate with attractive looks. Website should be user friendly. If yours is an ecommerce website, user should be able to find the shopping cart easily and must have safe and secure payment options.

Include animation and video
This is an overlooked part but this attracts as much as 65% of the customers. People love to watch video. By incorporating this type of content to the website you would be able to make a strong hold on the customer.

Responsive website
Make your website responsive that means, it would be able to be operated from mobile phone, laptop or tablet. As you are not aware from where your users are arriving on your website. So, you have to make your website responsive which can be accessible from any platform.

Infographic design
Infographic is something which gives a brief idea of the whole content through graphics. Using Infographic on the website will help in making the users engaged with the content. Make your Infographic attractive with vibrant colors and engaging content.

UI and UX
User interface and user experience are the criteria which tops the list of search engine ranking. Google now makes sure that the website being visited by the user provides him great experience called user experience and is easy to use. UI or user interface is the platform which shows the way user interacts with your site. Make it the best by providing the best and important element needed by the user.

guidelines for website design

After reading the content, it cannot be said that preparing a website is an easy task. You need to follow so many rules and regulations along with one thing in mind and that is to generate business. Web design pre requisites are very well known and can be easily prepared but the correct way of their implementation on the website is a must to drive the traffic.



Author: Sarah Smith

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