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9 Effective Web Design Trends to maximize visibility

Currently, making predictions about web design trends is really crucial as well as complicated too before going to design a website it is important to understand the latest trends in this year 2019.

In 2017 we already saw a number of web design trends that also includes a lot of trends including a wave of 3D design to get on board and familiar along with WebGL as well as we can also saw 3D rotatable renders. Apart from that the increased use of the parallax effect along with the high-quality cinemagraphs also plays an important role that also adds a little dynamism to a website with the hero image photography.

If you need to get the improved online visibility it is also important to keep eyes on the ongoing trends which will fizzle out, as well as it is also essential to know about what new design. Here are 9 web design tips as well as the latest trends that will be more popular this year.

1. Data storytelling

Data storytellingData storytelling is one of the most popular and robust web designs that allow you to get successful positions. Even the places narrative at the forefront apart from that, it allows site visitors to visit your site again and again. Using engaging visual as well as the written copy is important. Now the digital timeline will make everything possible. Even it is the format that’s been popular with writers who are interested in a move to the online spaces including SBS Online animated adaptation.

On the other hand, most brands also found that the storytelling format great a1s well as cost-effective choice for hooking site visitors. It also acts like the smartphone security software Ben the Bodyguard’s homepage; of course, it utilizes noir aesthetic as well as graphic novel sensibility for bodyguard software.

2. Animation

AnimationThe animation is not a new trend but still, it plays an important role, on the other hand, animation is an evergreen one that also rocks in the coming year. Of course both the technology as well as designers also getting better while using it. Animation plays an important role that highly attracts many people. Static web page with animated panels becomes popular among web designers. Normally, animated backgrounds use the parallax effect. Overall, animated hover effects also layered to create a cohesively which is an important engaging site that also includes moving parts.

3. Broken grid layouts:

Broken grid layoutsThe broken grid layout is one of the most effective trends and it offers an interesting way to get the ultimate dimension to a page. Most importantly, it provides a visually interesting journey, it is highly effective when it is combined with a parallax effect or you can also use it with an animation. When it comes to marketing you just consider this option, this will make everything simple as well as keep rigid layouts less.

Normally, the broken grid layouts are not a complicated one and now its growing reactionary wave when compared to the status quo in web design. However, it is also considered as a response grounded in artistic traditions of remixing as well as collage. So we also expect broken grid layouts will become popular in 2019. This will becomes increasingly popular and common layout practice especially for product pages and lookbooks including clothing brand. We also found in the Kitchen of Uber Eats page, including the text of different sizes, layers images, as well as numbers to create amazing depth.

4. Illustrations

IllustrationsPhoto editing software plays an important role and it is not advanced, as well as internet loading speeds automatically accommodating of high-res media so that the illustration would be popular as well as this also making a comeback in web design. Clear illustration style not only illustrates a concept at the same time plays important role in the brand identity.

For example the French digital design agency Octave & Octave. Normally, illustrations capture a sense of humor, fun and other things that also let you know a lot about the brand. The smart design branding will be growing in 2019. Overall, Illustration is considered as the great way to connect with different age groups.

5. Page transitions

Page transitionsNowadays most of the website designers also consider using the Page transitions because it is the most effective way of ensuring each page to look better forever. Page translation plays important role in attracting more visitor clicks. Most worlds’ biggest brands utilize these options. When you click the link then your browser automatically goes blank while when the next page loads.

Page transitions also essential that also allow a seamless motion between elements of your website, apart from that, this option also make browsing a site continuous by the way this also helping many people stay browsing for longer. In the year 2019, we are also expecting more sites taking up the page. However, the website also offers a great source of web design which is the great inspiration that also incorporates transitions along with video content.

6. Dynamic gradients

Dynamic gradientsShifting gradients will be the most powerful options in 2019. Normally, the animation techniques highly utilized in site backgrounds, overall, dynamic gradients play with attractive color. Of course, it is really important for engaging audiences without oversaturating along with moving parts.

7. Web VR

Web VRVR is important and the growing availability of VR hardware as well as VR ready smartphones makes everything possible, of course, it is really simple at the same time cheap cardboard glasses that can be put together to bring some effective changes especially this also turn most modern smartphones into VR goggles.

Having in-depth experience in VR allows you to meet your exact needs. On the other hand, this also offers unparalleled user engagement; especially as it is highly important for the larger brands. Now, most people started to take the benefits of this method. Currently, VR becomes more popular as well as effective than any other options. The VR ready web design will be popular and common in 2019.

8. Chat UI

Chat UIArtificial intelligence is considered as the important one for getting great benefits. Now it is also better and better, most importantly it is simple call-and-response but plays an important role. Normally, AI will become more common in the year. It is the general trend that supports you to take your business towards success. These simple messenger interfaces help you to attract more people.

Advancements in machine learning are the effective option this also helps in attracting many people. First of all, it is also considered as the crafting chatbots which capture the personality as well as important for creating a brand identity at the same time improves the online visibilities. Normally the immediate reply rate chatbots also offer, you to capitalize on the momentum. Apart from that, this also ensures your visitors to visit your site again and again. Chatbots are not perfect but offer a lot of benefits. Even a simple chat widget also improves the usability as well as visibility of your site.

9. Voice UI

Voice UIVoice assistants are the robust trend and play an important role, it is hardware like smartphone like OK Google, Amazon Echo etc. this will improve people’s comfort. The technology increases will rise in site-specific Voice UIs. With this one can enjoy a lot of benefits which is similar to AI chatbots, apart from that it highly helps people navigate sites. Especially it plays important role in the vision impairments even covers all the accessibility needs. So it will be the best trend in 2019.

Of course, these are the best 9 web design predictions trends in 2019. So try to compare different aspects related to the trend as well as what will make your ahead in this year ahead in the digital landscape. Based on the research you must choose the the best option for increasing your brand identity in the digital marketing.


Author: Sarah Smith

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