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9 Key Questions to Ask an SEO Company Before Hiring It — or Firing It

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Your business is like your baby, you need to be careful about the kind of activities you perform from day one to make it strong. SEO is that one of those strategy which is needed to be focused to make your business strong and reliable.

SEO Services Company plays an important role in making your business visible. Their assistance and help regarding the various techniques they implement for making the business website more visible will help in getting a business to a next level.

We can say that the SEO Company therefore plays a vital role in making your business. Hiring an SEO company can be one of the biggest market decisions which can really affect your business. if you find the right firm, the business is going to get profitable traffic in some tine which can take your website to the first page of Google. Profitable traffic is because you need not to pay for the traffic once you earn top ranking on Google. So, the profit margins would be quite high.

Hiring a wrong SEO company, will pose a big threat to your business as this will affect your SERP and a considerable loss in visitors on website. Usage of low quality back links by such companies will end you up in penalty, or there was no strategy of yielding the results.

Given below are certain SEO questions which will make you feel whether you are on right track or not:-

• How long will it take to rank on Google

This is a tricky question, as there is not certain amount of time one can give to get results on Google. An established SEO company will firstly do research on the company and provide an estimate along with strategy based on the competitive analysis but they will not guarantee the results in a certain amount of time. SEO is a time taking process and needs strategy to get the results.

• What is the strategy for back links?

Any business which has no back links cannot survive on Google. Back links are the foundation of Google’s algorithm. Usage of quality back links will increase the credibility of your website which is a pre requisite condition for Google. Quality back links increases the domain authority. You need to analyze the trend of back links to your website. You can use MOZ “recently discovered links” to know which links are pointing to your site. If no links are pointing to your site, this means that there are no proactive measures taking place in those particular domains. So, always ask for back link profile from SEO company you are dealing with, just to make sure you are getting in touch with right person.

• Is there On site optimization that will take place?

When you hire an SEO company make sure they will look for the ways to improve all the pages of the website. They must analyze all the pages and fix the shortcomings as well. SEO is an ongoing process, so these kind of activities need to be there.

• What is the local SEO strategy?

The SEO Company you are dealing with need to know the market they have to target but the strategy has to be known to them. Ask the following questions:-
Are they submitting your business to local directories?
NAP is consistent throughout business directories?
Listing with the best directories in local market or not?

• How the reporting be presented to showcase progress?

For any SEO company an important task is to compile a set of keywords which needed to perform. This initial list of keywords will act as a benchmark for the progress made with time. Ask the company if they maintain these trends to showcase the progress, as most of companies make it confusing and the owner remain unable to understand what the basic metrics mean.

• How much time they will need to understand the business?

Without understanding any business, it is not possible to perform the tasks related to it. They need to truly understand the business demand, market, services, and products before making any market strategy. The SEO experts need to discuss for at least 90 minutes to get an overview of all the dimensions to be covered under SEO process.

• Is there keyword research taking place?

Your SEO experts must be able to get variations in the keywords which will be able to drive more traffic. You can also use “related search terms” to get variations for your homepage or inner pages as well.

• What is the blog strategy?

Blogging plays an important role in making your market presence. Make sure the blogs which are getting posted on the website are in relevance with your business. Blogs are important for Google and are important for the business if they are driving the traffic or just important for the audience to better get informed. Your blogs should be focused on the topics which you find are most widely asked by the customers. Your blogs should be in sync with the market and customer demand to drive the traffic.

• Do you have any references I can reach out to?

A reliable and good SEO company will have references it can provide you with. They will have at least 3 references that can talk about the experience they had working with them.

SEO companyA good SEO company will work hard to keep all the pieces together to get the best results for you. It will help you in understanding the strategy to better give you ideas about what are they up to.
Ask these questions with your SEO Company to better know what you are or going to deal with.



Author: Sarah Smith

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