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A technology shift: Internet of Things (IoT)

internet of things

Have you ever heard about Internet of things? Nearly 87% of the people do not know about this term. It is a giant technology shift In terms of things getting smarter. IoT is all about making you more comfortable and let the gadgets do their work.

IoT as a concept is very easy to understand. It is about connecting your device within a device and then connecting that to the internet. It can be anything from toothbrush, washing machine etc.

With the help of data acquired from these kinds of devices, this technology shift helps us in getting our work done or taking decisions in a wise and efficient manner. This technology has path breaking benefits for us.

Apart from people awareness, IoT is making its grip over every kind of industry verticals and is attracting more and more business people who know the advantages of using the same and keeping themselves ahead of their competitors. Through this technology every segment of the society is going to get benefited with faster maturity and stability of the life of the people.

Some of the applications of Internet of Things (IoT)

Smart home

smart home

With the advancement in technology it is important to know the implication of the technology being coming up. With internet of things most popular application is smart homes. From smart locks to the nest thermostat there are lot many products you can look up for making your life easy and smarter.


smart wearables
Smart watch which has entered the market with a bang has made its place really well among the people. With its extra features like heart rate , calories burnt, phone call indicator, reminders makes it to comfortable for the people to make it a part of their daily life.

Smart Cities

smart cities

With IoT it is possible to transform the whole city into smart city. This technology usage will help the people in getting over their daily problems. With the proper facilities provision, this technology will make the life of the citizen comfortable by reducing the traffic congestion, pollution, noise, crime and other aspects of their lives.

Connected cars

connected cars

These kinds of cars are have internet connection and can share that access with each other. More vehicles are going to get equipped with this feature. More cars equipped with features are generally made to reduce the traffic congestion, fuel consumption, emissions, and most importantly, road accidents.

Impact of Internet of things (IoT)

The biggest advantage of internet of things is, this makes the life easy and simple. The technology shift increases the working efficiency and productivity of the common man. This can be explained like when you are getting late for the office your car will suggest you the best possible route to get you to office on time.

On a broader scale IoT can be used for each and every aspect of life to make it more efficient and productive. This is all about integration with remote, off line and other online applications. This way device is enabled to connect with outside world.

 application of internet of things

IoT has been known to for world several years and hence we seek to understand how this technology shift has (up to some extent) and will affect our daily lives. As a web design company and SEO agency in Abu Dhabi we are trying to get in pace with the present market trend to make ourselves comfortable with the upcoming technology as more and more devices are getting in touch with IoT.


Author: Sarah Smith

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