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Google Search Console improves Security Issues reports

Web designing is no longer limited to building up a good website and handing it over to the client. Security and maintenance have become one of the biggest issues to deal with. Website owners use Google Search console to monitor their site’s performance in Google search results to have a look at their site through Google’s eyes. Looking at the number of people using Google in the world, it’s not hard to imagine the impact that the search console has.

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WordPress Security Tips to Keep Your Site Safe

WordPress web design is a smart platform available for free use and very easy to learn. Leading in Content Management System (CMS), it offers a number of widgets, plugins, and themes to help to customize websites. It is very easy to use and is therefore very popular with novices and experts alike. The flip side is that it is also open to all kinds of security threats. In order to prevent these hacking threats, one needs to take some preventive measures.

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Is It Wise to Use Exact Match Domains (EMDs)?

Exact Match Domain

The exact match domains in SEO is the ‘website domain’ which is bought in order to target the specific keywords or the ‘search query’ on Google. Many of the SEO practitioners have made use of this technique for boosting the SEO rankings on the giant search engine Google.

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Will Voice Search Try To Dominate The SEO Landscape In 2019?

A few designated studies suggest that by the year 2020, a majority of website sessions would be conducted without the involvement of a screen. It would be done with the help of ‘voice-only search’ technology. Here the users would get the liberty to browse through the internet without having to actually scroll through various sites on the mobiles and desktops. This particular technology is believed to be the sole reason for success for a number of impactful brands in 2019 and 2020.

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Top SEO trends that will matter most in 2019

Search Engine Optimization better is known as SEO is a must nowadays. A lot of people have confusion about the working of SEO. Here is an explanation to make things simple for you. Search engine optimization means to boost the rank of your website on the results page of the top search engines of the internet. It is extremely important to attract traffic to your website and promote your company. The following SEO trends are the ones to stay in 2019:

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How To Improve Speed Of Your Website By HTML Caching?

There are more than billions of users on the internet every day. Everybody wishes to use faster internet. People do not like it when the web pages take too long to load. This can even mean that you lose the visitors on your site. So, what can you do to make sure that the speed of your website is not slow? You need to find a way such that the web pages never lag while loading.

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How Long Tail Keywords Can Help In Pulling Heavy Traffic?

If you have decided to use keywords to affect the ranking of your website, you have to show the search engines like Google that your website is suitable for it. The ‘keywords’ form an integral part of the SEO services and determine all the searches your web pages have a chance for ranking. Organic listing is basically triggered by the ‘keywords’. It is recommended to emphasize on the ‘long tail keywords’ containing four to five words for generating qualified leads.

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How website design trends turn to business success

Do you wish to expand your business? In that case, the only option you have is to reach out to the mass. Sounds difficult? Well, in today’s world of high-speed internet, it is as easy as it gets! Not yet convinced? To break it down, all you need to do is to launch a website of your company. This would make you reach out to millions all over the world. However, just having a website is not going to serve the purpose.

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How to choose the right photography for your website

Imagery and colour, these are the 2 most important aspects when it comes to a website. These are the two elements that would create the impression you are looking for. Images play a very important role in enhancing the look, design and overall appeal of a website. With relevant and quality images, you can always create a positive impression among your visitors. Text alone is not sufficient these days. People want colours and graphical presentation. This is where images come into play.

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