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Building your web design startup: Tips to get you started

Getting a company started seems to be too much scary. It is not that difficult too. With the right strategy and guidance you can make it possible. Getting a startup ready for your business with a bit of knowledge will give you that extra edge otherwise it is the same for everyone.

Given below are certain tips before putting your toes in web design industry:

  • Start with building a portfolio

Start with building a portfolio

A portfolio is as necessary as finance for your business. It is something which shows your business and speaks about your service. Showcase your skills rather than focusing on How’s and Where’s of the project. Don’t let those questions lead you away from your goal. Don’t let anyone or anything boggle your vision.

It happens as the first project comes out of anxiety and nervousness but giving your best to the first client and delivering the best can give you high return. Getting the first client is always difficult. So deliver the best you can and start building your portfolio.

  • Focus on branding


You should always set brand for your service. Pick up the names which is distinguished and people must feel that “waooo” factor after working with you. Always go for distinguishable label for your service. Try to go with your own name in that way you can work with both the ways like as a freelancer or as an agency. Moving further if you want to take it to company level, use some distinguished tag lines.

Another thing is the usage of footer. You can use the footer for branding with or without link. Footer links are vital for back links and SEO.

  • Free design is always appreciated

Free web design

Psychology says, free is that word which can lead you to conversion. On browsing of product free shipping would tend you to make purchase or do some sought of work in the industry with free of cost .This helps in branding as well as in getting conversion. Try to get into designing industry or related to that just to get an exposure and idea about how company works. This will also help in creating name.

  • Networking and friendly competitors are must

Networking and friendly competitors

Even after taking your company or yourself to a level where you wanted to be never ever stop networking. You should keep your friends closer and your competitors closer. This will help you grow. Networking helps you in growing your business. For any startup networking is the best strategy to adopt.

  • Get a reseller hosting

reseller hosting

You can make lots of income by hosting your clients’ site in your own reseller hosting. This is basically used to make profits and what is wrong in that? In this way you can create your brand name, you get exposure for other service as well along with profits on other hand. Buy a reseller hosting for not more than $500.if you can host only 50 accounts in a single reseller account at $3 per month, you will approx earn $108 per month. This is not a big amount but its return would be huge in future.

So, building a web design company which has huge profit and return can only be created from a startup which has proper plan and skill set along with smart work strategy to achieve the goal.


Author: Sarah Smith

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