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Why Does Google Replace Page Titles?

It’s essential to mention at the start that a website design company has been in the controlling seat when it comes to their page titles appearing in search results. However, until recently, Google introduced their latest updates on how title tags should ideally appear on their search engine for better visibility and accurate results. This innovative update concentrates on presenting more accurate, readable, and accessible titles for pages in search. 

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SEO for .com Vs .ae Websites

SEO plays an important role in making your company’s mark in the online business market. To drive those traffic, SEO optimization of your website plays an important role. You may want to use a perfect domain extension for your business. You may want to turn to .business, .net or even international domains like .ae domain depending on your geographical location. But, there is a part of you that would say Google may not identify domain.

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Best Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

How to Increase Your Website Traffic

Many people wonder how a single Blog ranks in the top place with the use of the keyword. The unique and most attractive Blog has the basic squeeze on the massive SEO traffic even for the single Blog. Even though, it ranks on the different variants that have the same keyword.

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Google Search Console improves Security Issues reports

Web designing is no longer limited to building up a good website and handing it over to the client. Security and maintenance have become one of the biggest issues to deal with. Website owners use Google Search console to monitor their site’s performance in Google search results to have a look at their site through Google’s eyes. Looking at the number of people using Google in the world, it’s not hard to imagine the impact that the search console has.

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Is It Wise to Use Exact Match Domains (EMDs)?

Exact Match Domain

The exact match domains in SEO is the ‘website domain’ which is bought in order to target the specific keywords or the ‘search query’ on Google. Many of the SEO practitioners have made use of this technique for boosting the SEO rankings on the giant search engine Google.

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Will Voice Search Try To Dominate The SEO Landscape In 2019?

A few designated studies suggest that by the year 2020, a majority of website sessions would be conducted without the involvement of a screen. It would be done with the help of ‘voice-only search’ technology. Here the users would get the liberty to browse through the internet without having to actually scroll through various sites on the mobiles and desktops. This particular technology is believed to be the sole reason for success for a number of impactful brands in 2019 and 2020.

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Top SEO trends that will matter most in 2019

Search Engine Optimization better is known as SEO is a must nowadays. A lot of people have confusion about the working of SEO. Here is an explanation to make things simple for you. Search engine optimization means to boost the rank of your website on the results page of the top search engines of the internet. It is extremely important to attract traffic to your website and promote your company. The following SEO trends are the ones to stay in 2019:

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How Long Tail Keywords Can Help In Pulling Heavy Traffic?

If you have decided to use keywords to affect the ranking of your website, you have to show the search engines like Google that your website is suitable for it. The ‘keywords’ form an integral part of the SEO services and determine all the searches your web pages have a chance for ranking. Organic listing is basically triggered by the ‘keywords’. It is recommended to emphasize on the ‘long tail keywords’ containing four to five words for generating qualified leads.

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Google Maps ‘Follow’ button gives businesses a new way to connect with users

Google today is one of the largest search engine giants around the globe today and is also one of the most innovative companies. They constantly update, change and refresh the existing modules that we use daily for various purposes in our professional and personal life. Therefore, the update released on October 24th, 2018 by Google does not come as a surprise. It is a pleasant change to the existing module of Google maps, especially after the rolling back of Google+ by the corporate giant.

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7 Tips That Can Improve Ecommerce Store SEO

A website is the face of any business. Therefore, it is essential that the content you post with regards to the products on your site are short, precise, relevant and easy to understand. The online market is quite volatile therefore satisfying every single customer should be your primary aim and motto. If you have been wondering why your webpage isn’t generating enough views, then it is probably due to numerous factors such as a lack of design factors or the functionality and inadequate promotion.

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