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Content marketing Rules for 2018

content marketing strategy 2018

Looking to influence your content marketing efforts? January is about to arrive and you therefore need to buckle up your efforts and give your best in the coming new year. January is the month for action and hence you need to push yourself really hard to reach to the top. Your strategy creation must already be done and now is the time to implement those.

Here are some content marketing resolutions for 2018 that you seriously
need to consider:-

Long content: the longer the content, the greater is the impact. This has been proved with deep analysis into influence, efficacy and authority of content market. Posts with more 1000 words work far better than the one with less word count. And if the count is near to 2000 this would considered be the best.
Using longer content would make keywords occurrence more often which is likely to cover all the keywords. This makes the website content relevant and informative, which is according to the search engine algorithm, is a must.

Revisit the 5% hub: Out of 100%, only 5% make up to the branded content marketing mark. Rest 95% are those which do not know how to learn, understand and implement. Try to revisit that 5% hub and find that special trait which makes them stand out.

Use your blogs:Your blogs are the ones which bind your social media accounts together and can unleash the content in any format which you like. This blog posts will also make direct impact on your website ranking. This blog strategy makes it easier to focus on the building a relevant and loyal customer base.
When your blogs are showing good results, it means your content marketing strategies are then yielding results in the form of blog promotion. Once any of your blog starts engaging the customers, it eventually leads you to the path of growth and success.

Use of videos: according to Cisco, 70% of the internet traffic is through videos only which has expected to shoot up to 825 by 2021. So, after knowing the basic details and advantages video marketing has been considered as a must for promoting your online presence and getting advantages from your blog posts and comments. Hit the bull’s eye by posting blogs and videos relating to the customer’s or viewers interests.

Employee advocacy: This has now been considered an important part in getting your business promoted through the business employees. In this a business may ask its staff members to actively promote the organization or company through social media or any other related platforms. This has become very important as social media platform has been considered as one of the biggest platform for making your business credible and exposed.

content marketing rules 2018

So, when you create content, it is only you who can make its best use to influence the probable customers and increase the probability of conversions. Following the above strategy for content marketing in 2018 will somehow help you in creating brand awareness and getting conversions.



Author: Sarah Smith

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