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Copywriting techniques that affect SEO

People often make mistake of thinking Copywriting and SEO are two different things. While SEO is concerned with search engine and their algorithms, Copywriting is associated with having a content which appeals the user. These two are therefore co-related.

Keep the following tips and technique in mind while writing for your website:

  • Write for the user first

Keeping this thing in mind will fetch you results. When you think of SEO, it is more about content length and keywords. But search engine algorithms ask you to do more. They want to see the content which is liked by people. This means search engines focus more on the content relevancy and page authority.

Therefore, keep in mind while writing the content about the content relevancy and its usability. The search engines have got smarter and are now more inclined towards quality content. They focus more on the user experience. Your content should be for the readers first. Writing a content keeping this in mind will improve the quality content and also makes the content natural and compelling.

Search engine now do not look for the exact match keywords but look forward to provide more choices and variety to the user. Today, they have realized that people who are looking for the trousers might be looking for the casual or formals. You do not need to stuff the keywords for ranking that term. Instead you need to focus more on the content quality and credibility to get it ranked. It is now more about keyword relevancy rather than the keyword density. So, Copywriting and SEO techniques run parallel to each other.

  • Content length is also important

Content is everything for search engine. According to some studies word count between 1200 to 1500 words rank better on search engine while other experts have suggested that minimum of 1500 word count is best suited for ranking.

Content length is also important

According to the Google, word count matters in SEO because:

  • It will give opportunity to provide more keyword in the content along with heading, titles, images etc.
  • It will help in keeping the user engaged for a longer time on webpage and thus helps in increasing the authority of the page.
  • Provides more value to the reader, means more share and more likes by the people.

As earlier said, keep the user in mind while getting your content ready. But that has to be relevant and according to the need. Getting a lengthy content for an article make sense but for the home page or about us is not going to fetch the results for you. So, according to the need prepare the content which best suits the requirement. This will help in user engagement and making your website more credible and authoritative.

  • Breakup rule for content

Another way to write an engaging and compelling content is breaking up the content like:

  • Using subheadings
  • Writing short paragraphs
  • Including images/ screenshots
  • Using different fonts to emphasize important points
  • Using bullets or numbered lists

Other than these, some more points are also important to focus on. Search engine look at the header tags to create a hierarchy of the content and to understand which part is more important than others. Your headline uses the H1 tag; subheading has H2 tags, then H3 tag and later H4 tag and so forth. Utilizing the hierarchy and understanding the keyword will help in ranking your website.

Images can also help in SEO. Always use Alt tag and caption to make the search engine understand what the image is all about. Relevant images with surrounded content will help in ranking of the website.

  • Linking is a big tool

Link out to the source of an influencer will help you in boosting the quality of your content. Along with this they can attract and align the website they are linking to, which helps boosting the content quality and provides the linking.

  • Strong Call to Action

Readers can also play important role in boosting the website ranking by including strong call to action in your content. For SEO readers can help by:

  • Sharing the content on Social media: Google does not use any kind of social influence or social shares to improve your Google ranking. Instead try to share your content on social media. This will help in getting an exposure for your website and hence more visits by the people. Including the sharing buttons will help in encouraging the sharing of the content.
  • Encouraging readers to leave a comment: the more you leave comment on your blog or page the more new content will be added to get crawled by the search crawlers. This will help in getting ranking on the search engines. Encourage comments by leaving a thought provoking questions at the end of the blog.

Getting ranked on Google is not an easy task. Before moving forward you have to be sure about the tasks you need to perform to get the things right on track. Hiring SEO Services Company in will help you in getting the right things at the right time to get the right result.


Author: Sarah Smith

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