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Develop Original Article from Your Content by Using Google Algorithm

Creates Original Articles

Google has recently declared research on a new algorithm which can consider your website and your competitors to create ‘coherent’ articles. Upon developing original content, the new algorithm of Google can able to answer the user question without directing them towards another webpage.

How Does Paraphrasing Algorithm work?

The new algorithm of Google works by effectively summarizing the web content by making using algorithm which ‘extracts’ your content easily and then throws out the unwanted parts. It is the same as the algorithm which is utilized to create featured snippets. It is known as ‘extractive summaries’ since they can able to extract the original content from the webpage. However, extractive summaries are similar to the original text reduction to the most significant sentences.

Then, this new algorithm makes use of another type of algorithm known as Abstractive Summary. These summaries are considered as the kind of paraphrasing. The disadvantage of abstractive summaries is that about one-third of the summary will comprise of fake information.

The Google’s new research was based upon joining the two best approaches. This research makes use of ‘extractive summaries’ for extracting essential information from the website & then apply it for ‘abstractive’ approach for paraphrasing the content.

Featured Snippets – Initial Step

Featured Snippets are considered to be a good example for the Extractive Summarization. It involves the process of considering the whole webpage and then eliminating irrelevant phrases and words & having few sentences which describe the solution for the question.

Does Google Algorithm Summarize Your Content?

Google new algorithm deals with summarizing ‘multiple documents’ & hence it is applied well to the book. Other than that, it can be applied to the open-source database of information. However, it can be applied to any public webpage along with your content. The research makes use of Wikipedia topic for search query & search engine results for the sake of extracted summaries which is then paraphrased to develop brand new articles. This algorithm also performed another test by creating another set of articles by using the references available in Wikipedia.

Google Displays Your Content
The research paper has concluded that this experiment is found to be quite successful. However, Google can able to create its own content by means of summarizing your content along with answering the question of the user without inconveniencing them to click your site. Thus, Google can able to prefer several web pages for generating ‘coherent’ & ‘informative’ articles.

Would Google Utilize This Algorithm With Help Of Voice Assistant?

There is no proof regarding when the Google will start generating its own content from yours. Moreover, an algorithm similar to this seems to be the perfect choice for a voice assistant search. These kinds of searches are performed through IoT or mobile phone in your car or home. An individual can ask the voice assistant regarding the movie star so that it will respond in terms of sentences to provide an answer to your question similar to the real person. This new algorithm will suit perfectly with the voice assistant setting.


Author: Sarah Smith

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