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Does responsive website affect SEO?

Responsive websites is today’s market demand. People now depend more and more on mobile phones which lead to a feature which is mobile friendly. This ends up in creating a websites which works across multiple platforms. Responsive web design is now one of the best ways to attract the visitors to a website and increase the traffic.

But what is the relation between SEO and responsive web design?

Responsive WEB DESIGN: responsive web design makes your website appealing on desktop, mobile phones or tablets. A responsive website adjusts according to the size of the web page where it is served. It primarily uses HTML and CSS. So, when the web page is resized, the layout of the page adjusts itself according to the size of the screen of different devices and hence looks good on every device.

Google is considered as god when it comes to website ranking. Responsive website is something offered by Google and is therefore optimizers keep in mind Google’s guidelines to ensure that website is created in the way which is preferred by search engines.

So, when it comes to Google, website and search engines, SEO is something which pops up in mind!

SEO: Search engine optimization is a technique to rank the website higher by increasing its visibility on search engines. Technique is quite effective in obtaining the results but worth it. It takes at least 3 months for a website to show the results on search engines.

Since Google has suggested responsive web design for different devices compatibility, this reason is enough for SEO to get in this field too.Being responsive website ensures number of features which can finally be linked with SEO and performance of the website.

Various advantages of responsive web design:

Device compatibility: since the layout of the webpage is adjusted according to the device it really makes it simple for the user experience to search the website on search engines. When user experience Is good it will definitely effect the ranking of the website.

Browser support: Responsive web design is supported by all type of browsers like Opera, Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox etc.

Work load: as through responsive websites only one website has to be formed which will be compatible with every device so, there is no need to form multiple website for a single product and hence decrease the work load a swell and attain the maximum results.

Responsive website affect SEO?

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So, we can see that through responsive web designing we are getting maximum traffic with minimum effort and minimum work load. Since only one website has to be maintained therefore, there is less work for Googlebot as it needs only one website to crawl and index. This makes it easier for the search engines to inspect a website’s content originality and hence ends up in ranking it higher on search engines.Hence, achieving the goal of SEO.

So, responsive web design does affect the SEO and go hand in hand to attain the best results for a deserving website.


Author: Sarah Smith

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