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Do’s and Dont’s to make your business profitable

do's and dont's of business setup in Dubai

Dubai has now become one of the most loved and favorable business setup destinations across the world. Being a tax haven Dubai provides lot of development and profit scope to the new investors. The physical location of Dubai makes it the most up to the mark located city as 2/3rd of the world can be reached in just maximum of 7 hours flight.

Dubai’s GDP growth has shown sharp rise in the current year and is expected to remain like for the coming year as well. This economic stability has made Dubai as the most likable place for business and is attracting investors from around the world.

So, before launching a business you need to get familiar with various facts associated with business setup in Dubai.

So, there are few Do’s and Dont’s you need be aware of before settling your Dubai business.

Do’s for business setup in Dubai

Select a UAE national or local sponsor
Firstly, you need a locally registered LLC business. Now the local sponsor or UAE national must be treated as a 51% partner. This will help in treating your company as local and has the opportunity to be placed anywhere in Dubai. This will be of great advantage as you can choose the best pace which suits your business and budget around Dubai. The sponsor must be paid an yearly fees.

Do business in Free zone if want 100% ownership
For getting the complete ownership of your business without any sponsor, locate your business in one of the freeZone in Dubai. Dubai itself has over 20 freeZone with specific business domain. Free Zones are the areas which enjoy certain advantages over others.
Advantages of free zones are
1. 100% ownership
2. Speedy startup
3. Duty free custom boundary

Confirm your visa eligibility and requirement
For business startups confirm your visa eligibility and the employees. It is easy to get visa and do any kind business in Dubai UAE.
While if you wish to have local business you need to have a local sponsor which owns 51% partnership and will get the visas by working with them, at least for the first time.
It is imperative that your business sponsor must apply for your visa as the investor of your business formation.

Hire a business startup agent
Hiring a business startup agent in Dubai will help you in taking you through the whole process of company registration. These agents will also help in opening your bank account, do your renewals, arrange for an auditor and offer you nominee services.
They will help in registering your business with least problems on your end.

Dont’s of Dubai Business Setup

Do not register office in freeZone without looking at the size and other factors associated
The published information has wide range of office in FreeZone but the availability keeps on changing.
So, before moving further just make sure of the size and the location of the office space you are getting.
It may also be possible that certain offices allow 1 visa for the investor and not to the employee. So, proceed after going through all the preconditions mentioned.

Do not make firm plans on the basis of published information
Before finalizing make sure about the validity of the business information. Change of rules in DED (department of Economic development) and free zones is common.
Do not completely rely on the published information. Just go through the complete procedure with the help of business setup consultants in Dubai or contacting the relevant authority.

Choose your license category very carefully
Make possibilities and confirm whether your business has the model which has the scope of future alterations and will truly follow the business model you have framed.

Do not proceed without a legal document
Do not proceed for any sponsorship until and unless you have a legal document signed by the sponsor according to mutual consent. Your business startup needs lot of support financially as well as physically in the beginning. Sponsors might charge separately for different services.

Get a document signed with mutual consent on all the aspects of business and is duly attested in local court. Do not proceed with verbal understanding.

business setup in DubaiSo, get your startup in Dubai UAE keeping these factors in mind. Your own business will rise to a new height when you are working in a country with rising economic level and strategic importance.




Author: Sarah Smith

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