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eCommerce Website Design Trends That Will Rule in 2018

eCommerce Website Design Trends

In the last five years, eCommerce has developed a great deal. A number of business owners have transferred their business online. This makes it tougher for the products to stand out. Marketing of the products have increased manifold and website design has become key to the success of a business.

According to reports, the sales are estimated to reach about four and a half trillion dollars by the year 2021. Amidst such competition, it is mandatory that you take every step carefully because everything counts.

Of course, first and foremost, what you need is an excellent product. No amount of marketing and web designing tips can cover up for a weak product. This should be the main goal of any business owner. It should continuously be tested and compared with the other analogous products that are present in the market. Here, we have curated for you some of the latest trends in eCcommerce that are doing the rounds in 2018. Read on to know:

1. Mobile-friendly Design Is Important:
Majority of the users have now shifted to smartphones. So the sites are surfed on the phone screens rather than the personal computers. This means that the first interaction of the customer with a brand is likely to be on a smartphone. So you must make sure that the web designing company that you entrust your project with, makes the webpage mobile friendly.

Mobile-friendly Design

2. Build Separate Interfaces: Otherwise, not only will your traffic decrease but Google will rank it way lower on the search engine in comparison to the other websites. If your budget is not a constraint, then optimise the website for both smartphones and personal computers. Build separate interfaces that are suited for each device.

Build Separate Interfaces

3. Simplicity Is The Ultimate Key: Instead of stuffing your web design with unnecessary design focus more on the content and great quality relevant photos. Ensure that the design is intuitive and simple.

Simplicity Is The Ultimate Key

4. Avoid a Cluttered Website: Leave a considerable amount of whitespace. Do not make the sections heavy with text. Include stories that the customers can connect with. Do not keep adding features just for the sake of it. Make it convenient for the common masses to use. Experience of the user is of utmost priority. If possible, also add a live chat feature to make your webpage responsive.
live chat feature

These were some of the trends that are in vogue. Adhere to them while building your business online. These small initiatives will make your business stand out. You can contact us for all kinds of web solutions. Hire the experts to create that perfect search engine optimised the website. We deliver all the SEO requirements along with a variety of solutions in the field of eCcommerce. The strength of our customer base is proof enough of our abilities.


Author: Sarah Smith

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