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Finding New Customers with a SEO Marketing – Infographic

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SEO and Customers, how?

Despite the demand and proven value of SEO or Search Engine Optimization, finding new clients or customers is a challenge. There is so much of competition in the market and success rate is quite low as Organic search optimization is time consuming. But thanks to web expansion which makes it easier to find the target customers in a little time span.

Your strategy for the SEO clients consists of 2 aspects. You need to improve your credibility and second would be to find your customers location. When you come down to these two start focusing on the business line and head towards the business expansion.

Here are some ways to attract the client through SEO marketing:

  • Branding and awareness about the product or service: Start creating awareness about your brand by establishing social media accounts and profiles with high domain authority sites to make your work visible to the rest of the world. This increases your presence in the market and make customer aware of the services you provide.

Facebook is the largest social media platform for exposure. Twitter is other one where you get involved with other professionals in different conversations leading to exposure to you as well along with the company.
LinkedIn is another social media platform where you can showcase your company as well as your skill set to make market presence. A professional uses LinkedIn to find leaders or product or service providers for business.
Guest posting is another way to increase your credibility and visibility on the internet. Guest posting helps in generating the back links.

  • Create high quality business directory: engaging yourself with high quality business directories to market your business is in trend now. You can make as many big directories as you want according to the business requirement. It will definitely attract business opportunities.
  • Offer free trails: allow the clients to avail your services at low competing keywords. Get back to them with results in short term and try to get the contract for long term results.
  • Weekly blog: Write a blog weekly. Promote that blog on that particular day. Push the content across various resources to get the links and the viewership and promotion of your business.
  • Start affiliate scheme: to encourage bloggers for your SEO services this is the best way as they will definitely come up to you for availing the SEO service.
  • Attend and speak at different SEO marketing and business meeting: Attending and speaking at these conferences will get you noticed. It might cost some bucks but the ROI will be high if you go with the flow.
  • Service and maintenance: SEO audit will showcase your SEO skills publicly making your business more credible and reliable. This shows your customers what you know and what you are made up of.

SEO Marketing
Infographic By Dubai Website Design
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These key points thus help you in getting you your clients efficiently and for a long run. Getting clients too prove your company’s credibility and your reputation as an SEO service provider as well.


Author: Sarah Smith

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