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General rules to follow for web design

website design rules

When we think about a website what comes first in mind which makes a website successful? Answer is: Usability and Utility. Usability as in whether the website is able to showcase what it actually possess and utility is what is its purpose. It is not the visual design which affects a visitor but a user centric design has become a standard for web designing to create successful web designs.

Here we will showcase some of the general rules of web design which should be focused on:

Keep it simple: Keep your website clean and clear with unwanted designs and advertisements. People generally get frustrated with cramming and drive to other website which seems to them much simpler and easier. Keep your pages simple with clear information given at a place.

Design is king: Keep the design of our website as per the business. It should be like a first impression which has to be the best. Keep your website design sync with the business needs and demand.

Navigation should be easy: A website keep the users engaged with its easy navigation technique. Keeping the options on the website in a linear pattern and making it easy for the user to browse it make it engaging and reduces the bounce rate.

Consistency: Web design should be consistent or the web pages. Visitors should not feel like they are visiting a whole new website when they are moving to a new page of the website. Consistency keeps the visitor engaged.

Colors are important: Colors play a key role in making a website. Make sure that the website design and the text written are in complete contrast. Colors should be according to the need of the website and not according to your likes or dislikes.

Responsive website: Now a day’s website has turned to be responsive. That means your website has to be able to perform well on all platform like mobile phone, tablets, or personal computer. This increases the visibility of the website as 80% of the population uses mobile phones to browse the internet. This is an ongoing web design trend.

Multi browser usage: Build your website according to the usage on multiple browsers to make sure that everything is going well. Get to know your problem ahead of time when visitor will start facing it and then you will get to know.

Check and fix errors: Check your website on regular basis for typing errors, broken links, page not responding, images not showing etc. This increases your sites success rate as being efficient.

Do coding on your own: Writing coding on your own will help you in keeping control of your website. If anything goes wrong you can easily fix it. Getting it done from somewhere else would not only leave you clueless about the problem but you lost control over your own website.

Content is paramount: Keep your website updated with new and fresh content on regular basis makes it a real success. Website without content will be like an empty shell. A good website has both good design and good content. Therefore, make sure that your website has relevant and fresh content which makes it worth visiting.

general rules for web design

Website design does not seem to be this much complicated. But it actually is. The whole success of a website depends on its design. Design should be user friendly and up to date. Hiring an expert concerned with Web Design Dubai will help you in getting a lame idea about a successful website design. Following the rules for great piece of design would provide you the best web design.


Author: Sarah Smith

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