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Get Pixel Perfect Websites Built Without Conflict of Dev-Design

When it comes to building a project which is web-based, there are several stakeholders who are involved in it like clients, designers, delivery managers, etc. Each of them likes to share their own feedback on the colours, fonts, content, etc. Finally, it is the responsibility of the developer to collect all their feedbacks and then implement those in the website designing process.

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However, this task is not much easy has it sounds to be. Firstly, the “inspect element” is required for digging into the dev tools and then coding skills need to be applied. Secondly, starts the process of the collaboration of the feedbacks received.

Increased Feedback Assures Better Results:

Pixel Perfect Websites

Owing to the advancements in technology, the expenses of making iterations and gathering feedback have become quite affordable. A very helpful tool used by web designing experts these days is the Visual Inspector. This is an editing tool which is present in the browser itself. It allows the user to make changes on a temporary basis even in live websites without the use of any kind of coding. This tool also enables the sharing of the changes made with the stakeholders remotely. Thus, design decisions can be taken quite faster.

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Even the stakeholders can make changes without the process of coding. They can highlight the changes, add their own comments in the page, and then discuss and solve issues with the other members of the team. Every member of the team is always notified of the updates either via slack or email or any other integration.

The Process of Starting With Visual Inspector:

Starting With Visual Inspector

  • The extension of visual inspector needs to get installed first.
  • After getting it installed, now it’s time to fire it. Just open any website where you want to make some changes and then click on the icon of extension to fire it.
  • Now you are ready to make changes in the website and they get saved automatically.
  • To highlight the changes you made, add comments to them
  • Share the changes that you made to the stakeholders by sending them links.
  • Now it is time to implement the changes that get approved.

Benefits of Getting Feedback and Collaboration with This New Tool:

website designing process

  • Coding skills are not required and thus even the non-technical stakeholders can make changes.
  • The process is quite time-saving
  • Changes can be made directly to the webpage
  • Quite a faster tool as compared to the traditional ones.

Dubai Website Design is a well-known company offering various eco-friendly techniques in the web designing process. Their web design solutions perfectly fit any budget and make the website feature-packed and smart.

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Author: Sarah Smith

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