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GITEX 2017 in Dubai – Day 2

Gitex technology week day 2

GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) is an annual electronics and consumer computer trade show and conference taking place at the Dubai World Trade Centre in Dubai, UAE. Being a visionary GITEX conducts large scale seminars for driving digital transformation.

Same is with the digital marketing. It has an experts team who help in the most advanced and technical processes that will help in developing a transformed way of doing various web designing and development. Take into account the Dubai Website Design for the latest trends in web design development.

GITEX is associated with marketing and has made the pioneers behind digital marketing like web designers and developers in driving and engineering the change in the field of marketing. It will include topics on Digital Marketing like Web Design and development, SEO, social sharing and so on by organizing conferences.

The latest trends discussed by the GITEX are:

1. Next Gen Mobile Website Responsiveness – One of the most dominating feature and most effective ways is Responsive design for achieving a good UX (User Experience). It makes the website accessible on any platform which enhances the user visibility on the search engine for the website. With this feature website become more flexible and adjust according to different devices it is being accessed on for the query.

2. Data Visualization – Important part of web design and development data are visualization and analytics. Big brand names are allowing the customers for data analytics and other stats to improve the credibility and reliability of the website. Presenting the visual data increases the trust factor along with the customer engagement.

3. Long-Scrolling Web Design –Now a day’s long scrolling websites has taken up the market, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. It allows the users to find the new updates while scrolling down and scrolling more constantly. This helps in a prolonged user engagement with attractive and fresh content with lower bounce rate.

4. Micro-Interactions – Micro-interactions are product moments which perform one particular task or the features that are embedded to the websites to make it user-friendly. Modifications like animation button, Facebook ‘Like’ makes the website much more engaging for users. The micro-interactions includes the following:
• Swipe
• Animation
• Animated buttons
• Call to action
• Data input

GITEX at its day 2 events has talked a lot about Elcom’s advanced telecommunication Solutions, healthcare sector with John Nosta, Oliver Oullier, Shafi Ahmed, Dr. Robert Learney, Rajat karol, Nadar Henein and pioneers from different domains have discussions on various fields.

Gitex web design trends

Finally, GITEX as a visionary is approaching to a changed world with digitized and advanced processes. Keeping focus on web design and development, these trends will take us a long way to drive to digitized era.

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Author: Sarah Smith

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