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GITEX technology week dubai 2017

37th GITEX Technology Week Dubai motive is to create rewarding, engaging and immersive experience you can unify your experiences, challenges, discuss options and can develop plans for the future requirements.

GITEX vertical conferences for 5 days give you the real deal for demystifying the technology which future beholds and making it a real success with the assistance of tech practitioners from global market leading prominent companies.Vertical conference held from 8th Oct 2017 to 12th Oct 2017.

A quick glance to what has been discussed in the conferences in various GITEX discussions related to industries

8th Oct: GITEX keynotes

• Big data, Clean energy, Mobile, Block chain, Digitalization.

9th Oct: Healthcare sector and Retail sector

• Robotics, 3D printing, AR\VR, Patient experience, Cyber Security, Mobile and Cloud, Block chain.

• Digital transformation, Customization, AR\VR, Drones, Artificial intelligence, Magic mirror

10th Oct: Smart cities, Finance, Tech leaders

• Big data, Happiness, Artificial intelligence, Cognitive Cities, Block chain

• Robotic Process Automation, Machine learning

• Leadership, Diversity and inclusion, STEM

11th Oct: Transport and Logistics, Digital Marketing

• Autonomous vehicles, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Smart technology

• Gamification, Data Analytics, Digitalization, Automation

12th Oct (last day): Education

• AR\VR, E-Education, Smart Education, Campus of the future, Gamification

GITEX is supported and sponsored by one of the most leading, brightest and the best organizations to bring digital transformation and create a game changing technology for the future in Middle East.

Various industries associated with GITEX tech week and are appearing at this platform to act as a game changer. What all has been discussed in GITEX related to specific sector so far is given below in brief:

Marketing: GITEX in relation to Marketing has made some of the prominent people to drive and engineer the change the world of digital marketing. It will cover the entire domain of Digital Marketing by organizing vertical conferences round the day including, Web Design and development, SEO etc.

Health Care – GITEX for Healthcare will discuss and explain as to how technological advancement is helping us in living a happier and healthier life. The world’s leading, med-tech startups, physicians, investors and people redefining health factors will be present who will discuss about the sectors which are affected and are going to be affected by this digital age and will share their experience and knowledge on robotics and smart systems for healthcare, developing treatments and systems for personalized medicines etc to get the better return from the efforts.

Smart Cities –GITEX contribute a part to government leaders and industry experts for Dubai’s Global Smart City initiative. This initiative will create a platform to address the challenges of the city life and create a fast moving and automated processes to create easy sustainability in that environment. 5G networks has been a topic of discussion under this head.

Retail –GITEX has gathered those in retail industry at the forefront of the individual startups, assisting the large established companies to help them learn the topics of future retail industry like friction less payment, drone delivery, 3D printing, and Virtual reality.

Finance –Making finance sector more reliable, hassle free and error free is the motive of GITEX. Coming up with the most advanced methods and getting off with the conventional methods is the key to the mentioned scenario.

Smart manufacturing – GITEX will provide awareness about Smart Manufacturing Systems and give an insight to the various processes involved under it.

Tech leaders – The tech leaders’ conference will look into crucial factors such as education, entrepreneurship, advanced training and entrepreneurship that will devise the foundation of any industry in developing a healthy leadership environment.

Transportation – GITEX will look in to opportunities to automate the processes related to the field of transportation, along with complete safety to humans, pedestrians and nature.

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GITEX Technology Week is going to end today and will leave us with as many future opportunities in web design Dubai and other sectors as we want with each of us to create a change. For more information related to GITEX visit Dubai website Design as our team members are available to get the most recent updates for you.



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