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Gmail Redesign: What Marketers Need to Know

The Gmail update of Google comes with a new range of capabilities that intends to make the product very intuitive to users. It is essential to know that Google has billions of Gmail users. Many email marketers look for the best way to connect the customers who utilize the G-Suite. If you want to achieve the goal, you require knowing the best things regarding this latest upgrade.

This post helps you to know how the latest upgrade impacts the internal organization, as well as how it offers new chances to enhance your customer journey.

1.Activate the latest Gmail look

When you decide to activate this new setting of Gmail on your personal account, you can go to the email browser. It is a place where you can click on a gear option. After that, you can click on “Try the new Gmail”.
In any instance, if you are using a work or office account, you may require asking the admin to provide you permission earlier to upgrade. The Gmail let you select between 3 different settings including “Compact”, “Default”, and “Comfortable”. After setting up the browser, you can check the new features.

2. Updated browsing features

The redesign of Gmail brings you many new ways of organizing your inbox. If you use these features, you can enjoy numerous conveniences, including:

  • Snooze the email notifications
  • Simpler access to every app within your G-Suite
  • View attachments and photos with no scrolling through the large email chains

How it helps marketers: When you use Gmail, the updates will make it simpler for better correspondence between the marketing teams. It is highly essential when you work with the remote staffs that require approving creative copy. Goodbye digging via endless email chains for discovering that foremost draft.


3. New “nudge” feature

Now, Google platform will remind users if the email is sitting in the inbox for extensive time duration with a rapid to respond.

How it helps marketers: It is an excellent chance for both marketing and sales team that rely on the email correspondence regularly to the interviews, coordinate demos and some other events. When it comes to nudging feature, it aids ensure message never get lost.

4. Advanced security and latest mobile functions

Google is paying better attention to the mobile platform currently. In before, the firm announced that they are never paying attention to the page speeds of mobile for SEO that challenging marketers for shifting their concentration on the mobile optimization process. Google is now following the suit with its own products by simply making Gmail service mobile-friendly. It is a striking feature that allows you to organize as well as reply to the emails quickly straight from your mobile.

5. Set email platform to expire

Now, Gmail platform lets users print, download, forward and copy messages, and undo their email send. You can set message for expiring after some time duration. It helps you to get full control over your information.

How it helps marketers: It is highly helpful for marketers when they marketing some special offers. Along with this, it can provide your customers an increased level of security when they share confidential or sensitive details with the brand or sales team.


Author: Sarah Smith

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