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Google Maps ‘Follow’ button gives businesses a new way to connect with users

Google today is one of the largest search engine giants around the globe today and is also one of the most innovative companies. They constantly update, change and refresh the existing modules that we use daily for various purposes in our professional and personal life. Therefore, the update released on October 24th, 2018 by Google does not come as a surprise. It is a pleasant change to the existing module of Google maps, especially after the rolling back of Google+ by the corporate giant.

What Are The Implications Of Such An Update From Google?

Google My Business

  • The Follow button announced by Google for their maps this year can have a wide range of applications for both business and consumers.
  • This update is mainly geared towards the void left by Google+ and will appear for business listings in Google maps on Android devices.
  • Currently, the feature after a few initial trial runs will be available to all other countries.
  • The follow button for business and enterprise on Google maps has been one of the most revolutionary changes in the marketing promotion area.
  • It presents a huge opportunity for any business where they can target potential customers based on their interests.
  • It provides the following advantage for both the prospective customers and businesspersons.

Huge Marketing Opportunities for Search Marketers for Their Business

Marketing Opportunities for Search Marketers

Google maps has been around for a long time now and was always considered valuable for its marketing opportunities. Previously, only the star ratings and reviews of the business were prominent indicators of its viability. With the follow button, the business themselves can now engage with the viewers and convert them into customers.

The follow button provides a non-intrusive marketing platform based on viewer’s interest

Business for marketing

One of the major shortcomings of any internet marketing was they were intrusive and often flooded the viewers with promotions. Google takes a new approach and allows business for marketing to only those who show interest.

Descriptions of business profiles now available on Google maps

Descriptions of business profiles

Previously, any business listed in Google map showed nothing more than ratings and type of business. This is set to change with the latest update. There is no need for the customer to go online and search its business. They can now directly view relevant information about the organisation on Google maps and decide accordingly.

New Business can now register their business profiles before the opening date

Google my businessNewly opened business now have the opportunity to exploit the Google market and register their information in Google maps via Google My Business. This has opened up new avenues in the marketing area and is sure to bode well with entrepreneurs and prospective customers.

Most of the notifications that appear for viewers, who show interest in business by following them, appear on ‘For You’ tabs. Such a tab is primarily used for viewing interest-based options of business and is hence a lot more informative.

All of these factors combined have opened up new avenues for Web Design that can readily implement such changes into existing profiles and also create new ones accordingly.


Author: Sarah Smith

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