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Google Search Console improves Security Issues reports

Web designing is no longer limited to building up a good website and handing it over to the client. Security and maintenance have become one of the biggest issues to deal with. Website owners use Google Search console to monitor their site’s performance in Google search results to have a look at their site through Google’s eyes. Looking at the number of people using Google in the world, it’s not hard to imagine the impact that the search console has.

As per the updates, Google has added a new ‘Security Issues’ tab in the console which enables the users to deal with serious issues such as handling deceptive pages and malware removal. Let’s have a look at how helpful this feature would turn out to be:

Detecting Fatal Threats and Dangerous Issues

The new tab in the search console would help the user detect some major issues such as hacking, harmful downloads, phishing, deceptive pages, malware removal, and illegal hacking. It empowers the people involved in web designing and eases the process of handling security. Once detected, the webmasters can have an upper hand in resolving all these issues. Any of the above issues persisting on your site can let your site down in no time.

A Security Review by Google’s Team

After detecting the threats, webmasters go on resolving the issues until everything becomes fine. After the process, they can request Google to grant them with an all-over review catering to their security. Any leftover issues might surface which you need to resolve. The best part it, it doesn’t include any hidden costs as per Google’s policies.

Google search console is not something explicitly new to the masses. There was this tool in the past called Google Webmaster Tools, active for over a decade which helped the users out with these issues. The new Search Console is thus the rebranded version where beta features have come into play, including this new tab.

If there are no Security Issues..

Google lets you have free and fair monitoring all over your website. If you go for a quick review and there are no issues found, it would simply flash a ‘No issues detected’ message, assuring you of your sites safety check. With Google’s credibility, anyone slightly involved in web designing would not doubt it’s a security check.

How to Find this Tab?

If you are a website owner and yet not aware of how to use this tab, let’s show you how to find it.
● You need to first log in to Google Search Console with your official account using which you run your website.
● Navigate to ‘Security and Manual Actions’ present on the screen.
● Click on Security Issues.

Thus, you are now ready to use the new security features in Google Search Console. Now that you treat your security well, there are higher chances of you excelling at your work. All the best!


Author: Sarah Smith

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