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Google to Flag Websites without An SSL Certificate

Do you have an SSL certificate? If not then in 2018 Google may flag your website. The Internet is the introduction of an E-world as it involves everything from selling to buying and thus online security has become compulsory with this dominating trend.

Google prioritizes its users for sure and thus coming up with every possible way to make the users feel safe and secured on the internet. And with this latest announcement all the unencrypted internet will be flagged by Google by the end of 2017.

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What is SSL Certificate? And how it Works?

A secure connection cannot be established if you don’t have the SSL certificate. That means your important company information will not be connected digitally to a cryptographic key. SSL certificate holds information such as the name of the holder, a copy of the certificate holder’s public key, Digital Signature of the certificate-issuing authority and serial number and expiration date.

Secure Https://

Why is SSL Certificate Critical?

Let’s focus on some of the remarkable reasons to have an SSL certificate
Encrypts Sensitive Information: The data you send on the web is passed from one computer to the other to reach the destination server. If it is not encrypted any server in between you and the destination server can see your usernames and passwords, your credit card numbers and other sensitive information. But the information becomes secured and unreadable to every user except for the server you want to share with When an SSL certificate is used.

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Protects You From Cybercriminals: If your website doesn’t have an SSL certificate, it is impossible to escape the rising tide of cybercrime. Mostly, when information is transmitted they will identify weaknesses in your network. By installing SSL certificates you surely can experience best SEO services and can protect yourself from this mess that offers an essential means of defending against transit-based hacks.

Builds Brand Power And Trust: Your clients will experience visuals like green address bar that designate well-trusted encryption with SSL certificates.

When Do You Need To Worry About SSL?

Websites with ssl

Make sure that if your website takes inputs in the form of contact forms, login panels, and search bars, etc. and also ensure that your website is on HTTP://. If the answers to both the queries are a yes then to avoid any risks or warnings you need to install Transport Layer Security certificate.

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