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Guide to SEO for eCommerce websites

Online presence for any business is mandatory. If on line traffic and sales is required ON-PAGE SEO is a critical step. But doing SEO for an ecommerce website is not that easy.

There are multitudes of how website is designed, how on page SEO can be done.

Here we present a complete SEO guide for eCommerce websites:

  • Keyword research: content is the basic necessity of search engines. Keyword therefore plays an important role in ranking of the website and SEO techniques as well. Keyword research is mandatory for SEO try to find out the best suited keywords for your product. You can get information about best performing keywords from tool like keyword planner.
  • Competitor research: Try to get the information about the competitor first. You have no clue of how to dive in SEO techniques. Taking a look at competitors website will definitely give you some idea about what to do and how. Large competitors have already put in their legwork optimizing the website.

Focus on the keywords to be used. Analyze the keywords usage of competitor for the product or service offered.

Guide to SEO for eCommerce websites

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Use different tools to know the keyword ranking of the competitor. You can use different tools like SEMrush.Also analyze where the competitors are getting back links from. To get this list you can use open site explorer.

Focus on the site architecture of the competitor. How they have designed their website and the methods of promotions as well. How they have put their products in different categories like recently viewed, related products, top rated products, popular products in different categories.

  • Analyzing the problems with the website: after researching on keyword and competitor, analyze the problems associated with the website:
    Find site errors: errors like 404redirect, changing 302 redirects to 301 redirects etc.

Website speed: loading speed of the website should not be slow. Research shows than 45% of the people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

  • Home page SEO: first impression is the last impression is what is to be followed here. Homepage should be the top pages when think about SEO.
    Key things to follow and optimize are:
    Home page title tag: most important thing to focus on. Title tag must include business name and target keyword.

Meta description: it is another important thing to do while doing SEO. It is 160 character descriptions about the business and will show up beneath the title tag. It must be very attractive to lure the customer to visit the website.

Content of homepage: content should be original, in brief and to the point on the homepage. It should give information about the product and services being offered.

  • Site architecture: architecture should be user friendly. User should feel comfortable once it opens the website. Navigation on site should be easy .this feature will definitely keep the user engaged. According to research, deep inside pages does not attract visitors.
  • Mobile version: Website should be mobile optimized to turn more traffic to the website.80% of the traffic now a day’s use mobile for net surfing.
  • Reviews: adding reviews to the online store increase the ecommerce conversion rate by 16-80%, according to internet retailer. Along with this, reviews positively impact the SEO techniques as more reviews lead to more and fresh content, which Google loves.
  • Social media integration: social media plays an important role in ecommerce business. This impact the SEO as it engaged the customer and leads to more traffic. Having lot of social website links will increase the credibility of the website and business as well.

SEO requires lot of time but its benefits are worth working for. I hope this guide will help you in taking your business to a new paradigm.


Author: Sarah Smith

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