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How Can I SEO My Website?

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Competition in the market place has led to introduction of complex methods and depletion of the conventional ones. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) is one such complex method in use nowadays. To have a successful business one need to have good market presence along with the business strategy.SEO is one such strategy to look up to generate market demand. For any online business first thing to think about is the product or services and the second most critical aspect is its online presence.


SEO is a marketing tool used to increase the visibility of a particular website in an organic manner. It is a discipline which affects the visibility of the websites in a search engine unpaid results. SEO is not all about building a website which is search engine friendly but about how it is customer friendly. How it encompasses the basic needs of the website visitor or do the customers need a supplement for the information getting from the particular website.
SEO considers how web search engines work, what market demand is and what people actually look for as search terms or keywords.

Why my website need SEO?

SEO is needed to rank your website higher on search engine results which end up in good number of customers and later conversion. It shows how credible is your website. For customer retention or customer engagement, you need to have optimized website.


Content will remain the king on Google search engine. Whether it is about the keywords or the services provided, content always has upper hand on Google search.

Some of the techniques are given below to SEO your website in a friendly manner:

Getting a quality content: for SEO, quality content is the primary thing to think about. Google completely depends on the content submitted on website. Google crawlers will enquire the relevancy of the submitted content. Content submitted should be informative enough and the visit on the website must lead to conversion. Content quality highly affects the ranking of the website.
Write the content which seems to be people centric. Content should be luring and attract the visitors. It should be in a way that people like to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networking websites. The sharing increases the websites domain authority and increase the credibility of the website.

Provide back links: as the website credibility increases the back links will follow. People love to read quality content and getting the best product or services. While working on getting a link try to give reason to the owner as to why you want a back link. Try to write content related to the client. This can give you additional links and increases the site authority.

Provide bibliographic coupling to the document or website to acquire more subsequent links. This will show the Google about relationship the website might have with other websites.

Image optimization: enhancing the image attributes will definitely help you in getting traffic. People sometimes are highly interested in surfing the details through the images. Try to provide the relevant information through it which make your website highly visible and increases the visitors.

Provide anchor text: interlinking or anchor text is one of the immensely desirable task to do for SEO. Always try to provide anchor text to the relevant words or the keywords on the webpage which would lead to the landing on the relevant webpage and increase the visibility. This links on page would help determine the search engine where this link is leading to and what are they about.

Long content on the website: long content will lead to more traffic. Since longer the content, keywords and related terms usage would be more leading to higher ranking. Consider using eye catching titles or phrases to lure the audience to read and remain engaged for longer. Usage of larger fonts will draw the eyes of the audience to the key headings.

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Page formats:

  • title tags: keywords should be included in title tags. it is a pre requisite.
    header tags: use keywords in header tags to and label it as h1
  • meta tags: it should contain 5-10 keywords and description must contain information about the content submitted and must contain 130 words. Keyword stuffing should not be there.
  • Links: each page should contain links to the other pages so that as many times crawlers visit the particular page , they visit the linking page as well.
  • Sitemap: submitting the sitemap will increase the crawling of the page and subsequently increase the visibility of the content on the webpage, leading to more traffic.

Author: Sarah Smith

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