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How independent reviews influence Google’s trust in your brand

Online reviews

One of the columnists has said that fake reviews are damaging the brand image and the trust of the customer is on the edge.With all this in mind, we must think about how to approach to online reviews in ethical way that will produce long lasting and trust building impact on the customers.

Before moving any forward this is important that the relationship between the reviews and the Seo must be understood. Understanding the relationship will help in understanding the best approach and strategy for earning the reviews.

It has been noticed that there is a strong relation between the search engine performance and the rating. It has been found that if your keyword or if your location has been found in reviews of your business, that will also have impact on search engine ranking.

Google has given the statement that star rating in Adwords will have impact on CTR and will increase it up to 17%. It has also been found that star rating with 4 or 5 in organic listing enjoy higher CTR than with no rating. It has been understood that higher CTR will have greater impact on your search result enhancement.

Even if the reviews do not have direct impact on ranking, it do have impact on CTR indirectly which will affect the ranking as well.

6 more tactics to pick up the reviews

Identify industry specific review site: Review from any of the industry specific sites can provide great advantage. It is also important to identify which review sites are relevant to you and can add value to your website traffic. It is important to understand and device a strategy for earning the positive reviews.

Seek review from product blogger: While bloggers have entirely different work, they do play an important role in creating brand image. Links from credible bloggers will help affecting the search engine ranking. If the blogger is the one who are really trusted by the people, it would be easy for you then to get referral traffic which will affect your ranking.

Respond to your reviewers: Your response to your viewers will have direct impact on the brand perception. Your responding to the reviewers shows that you care about the customers. Howe you treat your customer is shown through your response to the reviews by the customer.

Contact your happiest customers: You need to make sure who your happiest customers are. Feedback from their side will have huge impact on brand image. Encouraging these customers to leave reviews would be a strong move.

Use social media for customer support: Many people consider social media as a platform to solve their problems, many to showcase their opinion. Be prepared for this, and respond to any of the reviews mentioning you along with a help proposal. Portray the best of you online as this would e visible to the people.

Ask the right questions: Encouraging your customers to leave a review is important but ask them genuine question as how the product helped them to solve their problem. Be specific in asking questions. Do not ask generic question as this would seems to be more fake. These kinds of specific questions and the stories related will help the customers in getting the product.

online reviews and impact on CTR

Online reviews play an important role in client procurement along with building brand image. They have huge impact on local search results and play a significant role in traditional search engine ranking. React and respond to your customers to create a brand image and complete coverage of your products.


Author: Sarah Smith

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