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How Long Tail Keywords Can Help In Pulling Heavy Traffic?

If you have decided to use keywords to affect the ranking of your website, you have to show the search engines like Google that your website is suitable for it. The ‘keywords’ form an integral part of the SEO services and determine all the searches your web pages have a chance for ranking. Organic listing is basically triggered by the ‘keywords’. It is recommended to emphasize on the ‘long tail keywords’ containing four to five words for generating qualified leads.

Here is all that you need to know about generating traffic using the long tail keywords

How Must You Research for the Long Tail Keywords for Generating Leads?

Long tail keywords comprising of 4 to 5 words are ideal for generating more web traffic. Now the question is how to go about it. First of all, you need to look for a ‘seed keyword’ and find the variations of that word in ‘Google Keyword Planner’. The ‘long-tail’ keywords that address a researcher’s requirement or solve a specific problem would rank high up on the search engine like Google.

If a buyer has not decided what he would purchase, he would look for the ‘informational keywords’. On the other hand, those customers who have made up their minds to buy use keywords with commercial intent. The ‘commercial keywords’ would contain some suffixes or prefixes that modify the ‘long tail’ keywords. Your research would include both ‘commercial’ and ‘informational’ keywords. The entrepreneurs of small businesses could learn the buy words such as a discount, coupon, buy, deal review etc. With practice, you would be able to choose the right long tail keywords.

Elements That Would Give Your Long Tail Keywords an Edge in the Search Engine

In the era of digital marketing, some of the key elements to consider for improving the ranking of your website when you target the ‘long-tail’ keywords are ‘keyword rich’ headlines, internal linking, trusted links, social engagement etc.

What are the Long Tail Keywords ‘Research Tools’?

The four essential metrics to track with the SEO tools are link popularity, search engine position, Google PageRank position, and keyword suggestion. Some of the important tools used for researching the ‘long tail’ keywords are Ubersuggest, Keywordtool.lo, Google Adwords Keyword Planner etc.

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Author: Sarah Smith

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