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How to decide your budget for SEO in 2018

budget for SEO in 2018

Now that we are in the year 2018 and every business is planning their finances, so they can decide the budget for SEO campaigns for the financial year. But with the recent updates in SEO and the strategies may make it difficult to determine an actual amount.

The purpose of the article is to help you understand how you can split the budget in SEO campaigns, to achieve your goals in this financial year.

Plan your Goal :

Whatever we do it all starts with setting up a goal. Here, you have to analyze your previous year’s data to know your last year budget allocations and expenses. From the analysis, if you find that you have made a profit after spending the amount on the campaigns and the strategies then you can certainly increase the amount with some percentage this year, else you decide on putting the lesser amount but on robust approach.

Spending money in the right place always draw results so, here you should also spend some time on the campaign strategies based on your business goals. The goals could either be boosting the website traffic or could be generating more conversions. You can do the case studies on your previous year data, or you can do some market research which will tell what exactly your potential customers are looking for and will help you in campaign strategy.

SEO Goal

All the goals that we set for our business; our vision with every goal is to outrank our competitors. We can achieve this by understanding and spending on the aggressive and result-oriented campaigns as this will maximize the returns on the drives.

Content generation and Promotion:

We all have been learning and hearing that content attracts more traffic and is the essential ranking factor recognize by Google. But the question is how to decide the amount of content marketing? What kind of content will get more value in 2018?

Content generation and Promotion:

Content Marketing is becoming leading campaign for the businesses, where the companies are ensuring to publish content online on a daily basis to maximize their audience reach. But, the critical part of content writing is creating high-quality original content. As we know, Google doesn’t support and promote duplicate content, and if found its penalizes your content and continuing the same might blacklist your site.

So, you should spend a generous amount of your budget on creating good quality content to get more attention among your target customer. A video is again one of the most engaging forms of content and has received a significant amount of rise in the last couple of years. So, Spending on good quality videos should also be considered while budgeting.

But, Just creation of content won’t help as until your content is not shareable and not appearing in front of the audience multiple times. To make your content and videos viral you have to also promote the content through medium likes advertising, social media and press releases and considering putting some money here too.


Today’s target audience is more demanding. They like the content which is more conversational in manner that means more personalized and more specific content. People nowadays are using voice searches for asking queries online, and it has happened due to enablement and advancement of digital assistance in smart phones.

Target SEO

So, these queries could be long forms and with the conversational tone, so while deciding your keywords and content you should consider voice searches with complex search terms, conversational queries, long tails keywords and Snippet Optimization.

Link building:
Link building has benefited many SEO’ professional and the businesses in past years and is going to in the coming years. Links are as important as the content for the website. It is an unavoidable and a necessary strategy of SEO campaigns, which is ranking factor for a website. The high authority links build the trust of the website in the Google eyes. We do create natural links by building good quality and appealing content for our reader which builds the readership. But instead of relying on just one method of link creation you should also consider spending on manual link building campaigns, so you can generate authority links on a monthly basis which will benefit your business on the longer run.

Link building

Someone told me that your profit or outcome doesn’t depend on how much you have spent but on how you have spent it. So, it’s in your hand to either spent more on lesser quality multiple content and campaigns or you can spend more on one but on a high-quality content that will yield more result.

While making your budget plans, you should look at making your in-house team equipped with right tools. You can also outsource the services from the agencies who understand your business and who’s campaign ideas will bring more benefits to your business.


Author: Sarah Smith

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