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How To Improve Speed Of Your Website By HTML Caching?

There are more than billions of users on the internet every day. Everybody wishes to use faster internet. People do not like it when the web pages take too long to load. This can even mean that you lose the visitors on your site. So, what can you do to make sure that the speed of your website is not slow? You need to find a way such that the web pages never lag while loading.

An Effective And Innovative Way To Makes Sure That The Website Never Lags Is Here

The most common reason for a website to lag while loading is web traffic. The responsive web designs go slow due to this. There is a simple way to increase the speed of website. The page speed insights act as proof. The speed of the website increases if instead of just caching the images and scripts, the HTML scripts are also cached.

Improve Speed Of Your Website

Know The Types of Website

There are two types of websites. One is a static website and the other is dynamic. The HTML scripts of both the sites are different and hence the procedure to cache the scripts also differs. The static scripts can be eliminated with ease. The use of a default CDN can take care of the job. However, that is not possible in case of a dynamic website. It is so because the HTML scripts change as per users in dynamic websites.

The Management Of Users On Dynamic Websites Matters A Lot

For an instance, take the example of an ecommerce site. If a user adds a product to his or her cart, then the cart information totally changes. The number of items, total amount, product information, delivery details and much more changes accordingly. Now, there are two ways to deal with this. The first option is to use a JavaScript to store the information of the cart such that caching does not delete that data. The second option is to cache the data of the guest users.

In the case of the users who have an account, their shopping history and information is saved. This way is being widely accepted worldwide by numerous websites. So is being done to improve the speed of the responsive web designs of their site. The best way to improve the stats of page speed insights is by hiring a professional to take care of this matter. Dubai Website Design have employees who can take care of it for you at an affordable cost.


Author: Sarah Smith

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