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How to Set the Right Emotions with the Use of Colors in Website Design

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What do you think sets apart a brilliant website design? It is how skillfully and uniquely the designer manipulates with colors!

Most websites appear more or less the same. It is only through refined use of colors that a website design stands out and narrates the right emotions. Using colors the right way can help communicate your message in a visually-influencing yet impactful manner. A website design agency should know how to play with colors – sometimes to highlight a particular aspect, sometimes to narrate a story, or sometimes to improve the overall brand experience. Colors, when maneuvered intelligently, can trigger certain emotions that inspire website visitors to take an action.

Let’s see different ways to use color in website designing

Create a Bold Statement
Colors are the best way to grab the attention of the user, creating a strong statement that you want to convey. It is simple, but at the same time, there has to be a smart choice of colors for website.

For example, when you visit the website of Fanta, you will be overwhelmed to see a vibrant orange background welcoming you with liveliness and energy. Rightly as the brand suggests, the website creates a statement of fun, friendliness and vigor. Therefore, the bright orange color makes sense.

Understand What the Colors Stand for
How beautifully you play with colors in website depends on what your brand conveys, and which emotions you wish to tickle. Make sure your website design company knows what each color emphasizes. The bright colors such as orange, yellow and red sets off a vibrant mood, and makes the user more alert. On the contrast, darker and cool shades such as blue, purple and green tend to set a more tranquil and relaxing mood.

For a professional or youthful touch to your website, play with the warmer tones to instantly grab the attention of your users or to emphasize the gravity of the message. Take for example, Brand Aid, a creative agency creating innovative promotional products for their clients. They use a bright red-orange hue to present their message in a simple yet powerful manner.

No doubt, the color in website design would attract attention instantaneously.
On the other hand, if you want to set a brand message that is cool, comforting and something to trust, choose colors like green, blue or purple.

For instance, STORM, a British brand for luxury watches, uses cooler pastels like blue, purple, turquoise, etc. to create a more sophisticated and relaxing mood for its users.

Use Vibrant Background Colors
Creating colorful backgrounds is a great way to make a specific section or message stand out. It also makes the website stand out, alluring attention of the users. Solid color background helps add neatness to the design, while giving life to minimalist style.

Use Striking Color Combinations
Another great way to set the right emotions with colors is using them in striking combinations. This will be a treat to the eyes, while presenting your brand message in a powerful manner.

Color is powerful. If you infuse colors beautifully in your website design, it can transform its look, feel and appeal. A basic understanding of using colors is a perquisite of good website design. No matter which color you choose, it has an influence on the design – from evoking emotions to communicating messages in an impressive manner. Play with colors intelligently to create visually-appealing interfaces that trigger sentiments and speak aloud your brand image. The above design tips can help create marvelous websites that will stand out in the crowd.


Author: Sarah Smith

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