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Is It Wise to Use Exact Match Domains (EMDs)?

Exact Match Domain

The exact match domains in SEO is the ‘website domain’ which is bought in order to target the specific keywords or the ‘search query’ on Google. Many of the SEO practitioners have made use of this technique for boosting the SEO rankings on the giant search engine Google.

What is the Algorithm Behind Working of the Exact Match Domains (EMDs)?

In the earlier days, the sure-shot way to rank on the top of the search engine results was by matching of the keyword with the ‘domain name’. To get ‘relevant search’ result on Google, users just needed to secure the URL with an ‘exact name’. Again, any links that were pointing to your website typically would be the exact ‘match anchor’ text and it would increase the search rankings of your website.

However, a few of good ‘match domains’ are hardly seen on the SERP of Google like,, or If you come across these sites, you would notice, these are older businesses or companies which have become non-existent and the ‘domain owner’ wishes to sell off the name at an exorbitant price.

How to Make Use of the Exact ‘Match Domains’ in the Present World?

The exact ‘match domains’ still work today provided they are used in the most effective way. By transforming the ‘exact match’ into a company or real brand, your brand would be capable of lasting a long time. It is always wise to be the early adopters in a specific field.

Thus, as soon as you see growth in the industry, it is a good decision to grab the ‘domain name’ as soon as possible. The best way to do it is by keeping the name short and using two powerful keywords. If the most powerful keywords are not available, it is wise to use the ‘partial match’ which includes main two keywords followed by adding things such as an online, hub, UK, US, Ltd. in the end.

Even today, the main keywords are preferred in the ‘domain name’. Some great examples of it are,, and

What is the Role of ‘Brand SEO’?

The reasons for these domains to work successfully are because these have emerged into brands. If you take the ‘domain name’ and practise effective brand SEO, you would be in the business.

Do EMDs Really Work?

The ‘keyword domains’ work effectively. The ‘keyword domain’ names were earlier thought to be the golden ticket for the top rankings but according to the SEO community, the power of the keyword domains have reduced following the consequence of the update of ‘Exact Match Domain (EMD)’ of Google. The main problem with an EMD is that it is considered to be a sign of the spammy website when its URL matches exactly the search term.

Thus, if you have an inferior quality web design site with the ‘Exact Match Domain’ and you are getting involved in the spammy tactics, you should certainly worry. But, if you have a genuine business with a proper brand name that appears to be an EMD, but is dependable you have to note to worry about.


Author: Sarah Smith

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