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Keyword Rankings Are Meaningless: Learn How to Grade Your SEO

SEO strategy

While thinking of getting your keywords at top ranking you always look for the options which serve you the best whether it is SEO campaign or paid services.

Running the SEO campaigns and probably checking its effectiveness for the keywords you want your website to rank for next step is to get the reports about the website traffic and prepare the chart which shows average ranking of your targeted keywords.

You need to be obsessed over keyword ranking if you have spent considerable amount of money. For you the best outcome of your money spent is getting at the top position on SERP. But the fact is keyword is not the exact factor which will gauge your online success. To actually understand the factors which shows your SEO campaign is working or not, learn more from the factors mentioned below:

1.Relevancy gets results

A building block of an SEO strategy is long tail keyword phrases. This strategy has been so much in use as using long tail keyword covers most of the relevant information and hence increases the probability of getting ranked on search engine. They boost the relevancy of the website so the right web pages appear in front of the right people at the right place.
But it does not matter as the ranking is not certain for all the people as the medium of searches are quite wide like Google voice search, Google shows the result based on history, device location and others.

There is nothing called as “page 1” as now the customized results are provided by Google using Rankbrain, AI which analysis the search queries to get the better answer, making the results less predictable along with less control over when and where appearance of the website. This means that your page 1 will be entirely different from the one if searched from 3 miles away.

Google search console would be of great help here as the complete search queries will be shown up here. You would be able to see the website’s rank with respect to the concerned keyword. Using the above method, it is clear that SEO success is not judged by the ranking of your website for a single keyword but it through the presence of your website for various keyword or search terms for which your site is showing top position.

This SEO strategy which shows up your website’s relevancy and authority for variety of search terms and for a particular geographic area will increases the probability of your website to be shown up for various search terms and phrases, hence giving the opportunity to be seen among the results.

For achieving the relevancy, on and off page optimization along with link building is necessary.

2. Measure organic growth

How to measure your organic search if keyword ranking is not just enough?

  • Make sure that the new site visitors are increasing with organic search,   month to month and further.
  • Make sure that the number of new visitors and visits are increasing with focus o target market.
  • Work hard and expect to get the increased rate of conversions from new visitors with the tracking of number of phone calls being made via call to action and the number of registration forms being filled.
3. Conversion count

For any business to succeed it is important to get conversion. Conversion can only be made when the company and the customer will have healthy relationship based on trust and reliability.

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So, before thinking about anything be focused about the outcome. Your basic goal is to get the customers and get your inbox inundated with the customer’s request and forms. To get to this level, you need a SEO strategy which proves your success, create brand name and monitors the metrics.


Author: Sarah Smith

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