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Local SEO Do’s and Don’ts

Local SEO

For any business visibility is must.Exposure of your website is crucial part of online business. SEO is one technique through which your business will get visibility. it is as necessary as air for humans to survive. but there are certain guidelines to perform your website local SEO so that result will be reflected in the way you wanted.

Local SEO

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Correct your on page optimization: It includes your contact details, business contact number, specific landmarks. Providing the correct page’s title tag, including the brand name, keywords would help in getting ranked on search engine be found.

Create local places pages: Sign up with search engines like Bing, yahoo will make you available in organic search. This allows business to create listing of your business that will appear next to the relevant searches. Search engines put these results in a prominent position on desktop search results similarly as on mobile.

Consistent NAP and On page address listing: Make sure to be consistent with the NAP and other listing to give the correct details. NAP citations are crucial for SEO ranking. Google look at these in a similar way as that of a back link to a website. More the credibility of the back link more will be you ranking. NAP citation from authoritative and relevant sources makes it more valuable.

Use place Schema: To markup your address. This is used to make search engines understand what the data, images and associated content on the web page is all about.

Encourage reviews: Being prompt in services help in getting the reviews and so increases the ranking. More reviews help in ranking your website as this review is also considered as fresh content being added to the webpage.

Social networking: Make yourself available on social networking websites to increase your visibility and increase in visitors by finding your business online. Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn help in showcasing your business ethos and describe what your business is all about.


Pay for fake news: This will only provide interminable loss to the business. Fake news would not be able to make up to the customer expectation. Always be original.

Write fake reviews yourself: Will create loss of credibility which will be perpetual. Some bad reviews will not affect your brand name rather than posting fake reviews. Take it as a feedback and try to improve yourself.

Give wrong address: Just to get the clicks giving address from nowhere is not admissible. This will not only provide wrong impression about your business but also give negative impact about the kind of work you possess.

Missing important categories: Listing categories which are irrelevant makes no sense. Just to increase the categories to show off on the website is of no use. Try to be genuine and original.

Missing contact information: Incorrect details can de rank your website and your reputation. Do not forget to include your email id or contact phone number to place on the website.

Spammy or unnatural information copy: Stuffing of the keywords to create the content is not advisable. Always put that content which is relevant, genuine and looks attractive to the client.

Local SEO

Hence these are some of the key points needed to be kept in mind while doing your website SEO. Hire a professional concerned with SEO as in Dubai SEO market has fast paced up. these professionals help you in getting the traffic for your website and eventually the ranking.



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