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New Upcoming Trends in Web Design that you should follow

New web design trends

The design is one of the essential aspects in the making of any website. Any Website that looks good and functions smoothly generates more views and is likely to trend for a long time and produce high conversion rates. The web design element in any webpage requires creativity and thinking outside the box. Therefore, if you have been facing problems in your site not generating enough views, an upgrade to a more modern and attractive layout is possibly the best option got you.

Most Popular Trends In Web Design

The latest trends at the beginning of this year in spite of being innovative and successful have already started to fade away. With talented PHP developers pushing the boundaries in the field every day, it is prudent to be aware of the design market, and it does not require tedious research and substantial modifications to your existing platform. To further aid you in the process, stated below are the few upcoming trends that you can seek to explore:

Broken Grid Effect-Due to the advantages of suchan ingenious design element, it has been adopted by many top entrepreneurs and bloggers to generate views. With overlapping grid layers, simplistic colours and innovative content, such designs became a hit the instant it was released on the internet. This type of design also generates lesser HTTP requests and, therefore, is also considerably faster to load.

Broken Grid Effect

Web Animation-Such kind of web design element is not new in the web design industry and fell out of favour due to the massive consumption of bandwidth which ultimately slowed down the loading time. With the help of advanced coding, such issues were solved making the current animation and GIFs a standard amongst web designers. Animation can be immensely beneficial to any website if used correctly and have proven its worth quite recently.

Web Animation

Illustrative designs– It is one of the simplest yet innovative designs in the development of a website that has been trending quite recently. Use of simple stencil sketched characters and images coupled with graphic elements on the webpage have shown to generate the desired outcomes for your website.

Illustrative designs

Asymmetrical shapes– also among the most fascinating yet straightforward design elements; such a process in the designing of the page uses asymmetrical shapes and geometric lines in a cool, shaded background to display the information. Such a design is well known to be both interactive and fast while loading even with a slow net speed.

Asymmetrical shapes

Every year we see tremendous innovation and new ideas being implemented in the web design industry and this trend continues to rise. Ranging from simple yet elegant designs to websites popping with colours, there is endless creativity no matter which site we visit.

This rapid change in web designing renders websites that are months old obsolete. Therefore it is essential that you keep in touch with such trends and update your site regularly to get the most out of it. Following such simple yet elegant steps can work wonders for your website.


Author: Sarah Smith

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