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A technology shift: Internet of Things (IoT)

internet of things

Have you ever heard about Internet of things? Nearly 87% of the people do not know about this term. It is a giant technology shift In terms of things getting smarter. IoT is all about making you more comfortable and let the gadgets do their work.

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General rules to follow for web design

website design rules

When we think about a website what comes first in mind which makes a website successful? Answer is: Usability and Utility. Usability as in whether the website is able to showcase what it actually possess and utility is what is its purpose. It is not the visual design which affects a visitor but a user centric design has become a standard for web designing to create successful web designs.
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International Franchise Conference and Exhibition (IFE) in UAE

International Franchise Conference and Exhibition UAE

IFE has been organized by Abu Dhabi chamber and has been among one of the most successful exhibitions in the world from the past four years. This exhibition has been highly appreciated in attracting exhibitors and visitors from around the world and in achieving the targets.

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Web designing for particular target audience

web design dubai

In marketing and advertising world, targeting the audience is the essence of getting success. This is one of the primary steps to in strategy development. This applies to the design world. At times, designers forgot whom they are targeting and end up with a creation with least interesting factors.

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Web Design Trends to be followed

Trends are the latest and the most prominent changes that happen in all creative fields and web design is no different. Born of innovation and experimentation, trends are the factors which lead to change and push an industry forward for the better.

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GITEX stage as an encouragement to banks

Gitex technology week 2017 dubai

Business analytics and Robotic process automation gives a chance to reinvent banking and improve customer service levels in Middle East countries. Eminent personalities have turned up for Gitex technology week 2017 in Dubai.

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Dubai’s integrated government on Gitex catwalk

Gitex technology week 2017

At this year, Gitex focus is on Dubai’s smart city project which is showcasing its success in integrating the government services. Smart city projects highlight the way how Dubai government is all coming together for Dubai smart city project and Dubai 2021 initiative.

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GITEX 2017 in Dubai – Day 2

Gitex technology week day 2

GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) is an annual electronics and consumer computer trade show and conference taking place at the Dubai World Trade Centre in Dubai, UAE. Being a visionary GITEX conducts large scale seminars for driving digital transformation.

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