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Reasons to explain why your website isn’t bringing in customers

website is not bringing in traffic

Building a website is that important as getting the customers. You need to have idea about the market trends and customer’s likes or dislikes. You must have knowledge about do’s and dont’s of the market to bring in the customers. Customer acquisition is not an easy task. You need to think like customers before taking steps further. Customers are acquired with acquisition strategies and techniques.

Given below are certain techniques as to get customers for your website:-

1. Solve problems

Customer problem solution is the biggest platform to acquire customer trust and faith. It’s a medium to get in interaction with the user and get to know their concerns. Problem solving makes the customers satisfied and they can rely on future purchases from the same platform.

2. Focus on results, not features

What customer focuses on is the result and not what kind of work you provide and how you provide. Instead tell your customers what benefit your service and products are going to provide. They will only be focused about the result they are going to get.

3. Build your brand

Brand reputation plays an important role in bringing in customers. Try to build your product or service brand around those which has bigger reputation in those particulars. This will help in pulling the customers towards your brand.

4. Get to know the customers before they need you

Make yourself aware about the target market and the section of population you want to focus. People generally get converted where they had already made a purchase. Repeat customers have higher 2-3% higher click through rate rather than those who are visiting you for the first time. So, get in front of your target market before they make a decision to purchase from you.

5. Give them a reason to come back

If you are wondering why you are not being able to bring in customers, the basic reason is you might not have given them enough reasons to come back to your website. Keep your company blog updated and keep posting informative content which might compel them to turn again towards you. Make them understand the importance of your services and products for them and earn their trust. Then only your leads will be converted.

6. Get conversion friendly

Make your website design optimized with easy navigation for the user, strategic call to action, your website looks prefect according to the color combinations, usage of color contrast, prominent testimonials etc.

7. Improve user experience

A user experience problem can be as simple as slow speed of the website which irritates the customer and compel him to drive to other resource which provides fast loading speed and good website navigation as well. According to Google 3 sec are the ideal page load time for a website.

8. Provide real value, right now

Rather than making a stand out website, focus more on building product or service reputation. Provide something to customer which will be of true value to customer.

9. Know your customers

Rather than trusting the people associated with you, believe your hit and trail approach, market analysis and data research for knowing the customers who can actually align to the product or services.

10. Make it usable first, then beautiful

Make usability an important factor rather than building a beautiful website. People often get confused to what to get first and end up in losing the customers as they do not have strong base for providing products or services. Make a strong product or service base. Once you get hold on to market, focus on beautification of the website or hire website designers to make your work easier.

11. Connect the words

Human brain is visually led, so words do take longer to process. So, use the technique of word connect where you use the words connected to each other in similar fashion so that the word flow do not get interrupted and the user can understand better. If call to action states “view our buy one get one free” the customer would be expecting to see the page titled “buy one get one free”. If we use page titled as “selected discounts” this will confuse the customer since the words do not connect.

12. Get mobile

Your site is not working on mobile in today’s time will be the biggest drawback your website is suffering from. This will lose our online visibility and exposure. Make yourself available on mobile so that you can be seen anywhere, everywhere and by everyone.

how to get traffic for the website

Getting into online business and preparing a website is not the only work from your side. Getting conversions for the business is very important and is the most crucial aspect. Client acquisition is the continuous process and has to be done with complete strategy. Above content will make you learn how you can use your website for bringing in the customers.


Author: Sarah Smith

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