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SEO for .com Vs .ae Websites

SEO plays an important role in making your company’s mark in the online business market. To drive those traffic, SEO optimization of your website plays an important role. You may want to use a perfect domain extension for your business. You may want to turn to .business, .net or even international domains like .ae domain depending on your geographical location. But, there is a part of you that would say Google may not identify domain.

What if your website does not get ranked on top? One thing is certain, you will lose out on potential traffic. But, is that true? Does domain name affect SEO? In this article, we shed some light on this burning question of the millennials.

What is Domain Name?

Before going into details, let’s understand the underlying facts about domain names. When it comes to domain names, there are two factors we have to consider – TLD and SLD.

TLD or top level domain is nothing but the part of your domain name that comes after the dot. It is of utmost importance and we have hundreds and thousands of TLDs around the world. .com, .net, .org are few of the popular ones.

SLD or second level domain is that part of the domain name that comes before the dot. It represents the brand name. For example, if your domain name is, then XYZ Company is the SLD and .com is the TLD.

How to Choose Perfect Domain Name?
SEO Company is quite clever and target only the authentic names. In that case, how will you choose the right domain name? Not only should your name of the domain be good for SEO purposes, it also should be available for registration. Here are a few insights that may come in handy when you start establishing the online presence of your business.

Remember that Google always values brand name more than keywords. Some people use keywords as their SLD. But, what’s the use when they can’t target brand name? Some companies are lucky to have their keyword as brand name. In case you do not have, use your brand name as SLD.

Your domain name must always be relevant to what your business is about. Because people get an idea of the business through your domain name. That doesn’t mean you have to keep it long. Keep it short and sweet.

Choosing TLD can be a tricky business. Here are a few tips to it:
Targeting local domains is the best idea for your business. If your business is located in say, UAE, it is best to use geo specific TLDs like .ae. This will make your domain look authentic and drives more traffic. While giving local results, Google will highlight your business more than any other business.

Points to Remember
In order for your domain to rank on top, always have a reputable name to your domain. It is how people and Google perceive your business. Use relevant and geo-specific domain like to drive more traffic.

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Another point to remember is although targeting keyword in domain name is the norm, adding your brand name will make Google identify you better. So, use your brand name as SLD.


Author: Sarah Smith

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