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SEO techniques all start ups should use

SEO techniques

Why SEO?

If you are a startup’s entrepreneur SEO must be last thing for which you have given a thought. After all, why will you give so much of importance to this when you have ample amount of things to do. What you have to do with keyword, ranking and other stuff related to SEO.

But, ignoring this major factor could cost you your business growth. SEO is that essential part which should not be and cannot be ignored. It has that capability to take your business to a level.

When you have products or services but have no visibility or exposure to the world it useless to have it either. Here comes the SEO which increases your visibility on search engines and allow you to get more exposed to the people.
So, rather than dismissing the enough potential SEO have, one must look up to the future business opportunities and its growth probability associated with SEO.

Various companies related to SEO Dubai have come up which will guide you the way you want them to give boost to your newly born business website.

Given below are certain SEO techniques to be opted by startups:

Identify the target keywords: Marketing goal 1 should be to identify the keywords and move accordingly with the other keyword set. Once you identify the target keywords which get results from organic search, you can then optimize the site accordingly. Your keyword list must have potential keyword phrases which are used by people on searching on search engines along with being less competitive.

Branding Efforts: It is important to get your visibility on search engines but it is also important to start promoting the brand name while identify the target keywords. Google loves brand. Therefore, it is pertinent to follow the practice and make efforts to create a brand name.
For brand name creation it is important to have a logo, a tag line, color scheme and promotional phrasing to be used as soon as possible. Do not forget to use these elements consistently all across your online presence.

Content creation is must: Google loves content. For giving boost to your website always add fresh and relevant content on your website. Running a blog of your own company, updating the industry news is vital part of SEO. Firstly, including fresh content on your website would increase the keyword count on your webpage which would make your website more visible to the people on those particular keywords via organic search results.
Secondly, filling your site with content will help in building up a positive relationship with the customers. This could have a positive effect on the bounce rate and time which are considered to be vital for SEO ranking.

Social networking platform: One of the most important techniques out of the all mentioned. Social media has made branding and promotion very easy breezy. Facebook twitters are the platforms where you can showcase your brand name and get visibility for your company. Google do acknowledge the social signals like link share, brand mention and status update on social network and help in improving the SERPs ranking. This means that social media is vital for increasing the website visibility. Do spare 15 min each day to update your social media account by posting on sites and interacting with the people who follow your company’s profile on social media.

Google analytics: Once you get your own company website link it with Google analytics tool. This tool is free and easy to use. Through this tool it would be easy to measure your performance online. Like, you have to measure the performance of a contact us from which you have recently updated on the website you can do it with the help of analytics. This would highly improve your website conversion rates.

Link building campaigns: This is also most vital part of SEO. Try to post content on relevant and high DA website which will give you quality back links. Back links are very much liked by Google. The process of getting pointed from the other website is very important as this increases your website credibility. Your site’s link profile will play 60%-80% role in SERP ranking. So, getting back links for your page and profile is very important. Take a look at the back links your competitor is getting from by using tools like Majestic SEO or Open site explorer.

Try guest posting: Once you get back links providers list you can easily go to try for guest blogging. As a guest author write posts on the blog in lieu of back links from that website. This way you promote yourself and get back links too from the desired.

SEO company

Therefore, certain techniques mentioned are important for a start up to get exposure. Contact professionals associated with SEO Company Dubai to get the prefect guideline and ranking for your future business.


Author: Sarah Smith

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