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Simple guide to SEO Fundamentals

SEO techniques

SEO or search engine optimization is not a new thing which has gained much popularity worldwide. Its Key features has something which make it unique and different from other optimization platforms though it is time consuming but the output delivered is uncomparable. SEO experts can only provide you the basic services but you will actually appreciate the services offered by SEO when you do it on your own.

SEO market is booming and so focus has now been shifted from just optimized text to include a series of arrays to the web page such as images, videos etc. Regardless, there continues to be prominent presence of SEO in market.

Small or medium scale business websites often end up in outsourcing the optimization and link building techniques as they are not exposed to the experience with its resources, often end up more costing on that particular project or website.

For those companies and individuals, who can actually do SEO of their website on their own, here are some things to review:

Page title tag: Forming a compelling, understandable and meaningful title will help you in drawing the clicks when the title is displayed among the assorted searches on search engines. Title tag is now days considered very important as this is directly associated with search query.

Meta keywords and Meta description: Meta keywords now do not hold that importance according to Google algorithms which can be viewed in source page of the website. But yes, Meta description is quite important for SEO of the website. Meta description is shown under the title of the website which gives the basic knowledge as what the website is all about.

Heading and other Tags: Search engine always look for headings. H1 tag is very important and only 1 H1 can be incorporated at one page. Try to include as many heading till H6 tag as possible to make search engine evaluate your whole page effectively.

Use <b></b> tags or bold: Use of bold tag for keyword and phrases will definitely help you in pointing it out to both crawlers and the viewer. Don’t over do this and use it with only relevant keywords and phrases to make your content more credible and meaningful.

Use anchor texting wisely: While creating anchor text to your website page or when linking to other site try to avoid the use of lame words like click here. Instead try making use of keywords or phrases to emphasis the keyword or phrase related to it.

Include Alt tags: Crawlers cannot read the associated image. So always include Alt tags so that the image can be recognized by crawler and make your website more reliable and credible.

Create and submit the sitemap: As for easing of the work hierarchy of levels is important. So, as the site map so that the pages can be easily recognized according to hierarchy. Include meaningful phrase and keywords to be readable for the visitors as well as the crawlers. These phrases will act as hyperlinks to the concerned page. These links will then be followed by Google crawler to recognize the page and index it accordingly.

Relevant and quality back links: This is one of the most critical tasks in SEO which compel people to hire an SEO company professional. Earlier, getting back links or inbound links was sufficient but now Google has got smarter. It has started evaluating the quality of back links the websites has. Credible website back links will eventually create more trust among the people and also to the search engine. Inbound links has to be generated from the websites which are relevant to your product or services too. This technique has majorly impacted the business all around and Google is now playing quality work. So while thinking about back links always go for the relevant websites and generate back links from there. Do not settle for less, as this might cost you more.

Relevant and good content: Always create quality content and make it informative. Try to engage the user as much as you can keep him waiting for more to come in front of him. Content is the king. Google only looks for the content which is informative, relevant and does not drive the visitor to the other website. Always keep updating your content and keep it fresh so that crawlers keep themselves updated about your website or webpage which eventually help your website to rank.

Search engine submission: Submit your site to the search engines so that they could find your website. Always go for the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

SEO techniques
Following this basic understanding of SEO techniques will help you in getting done your website SEO and make your website looked upon by


Author: Sarah Smith

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