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Smart web design styles proficient web designers follow

With multiple styles of web designs being available in the market, making one choice becomes really difficult. Here we have discussed some of the amazing styles that you can take inspiration from.

Web designing happens to an important part of search engine optimization or SEO. It is no longer enough to have a website these days. You need a website that looks attractive and has the ability to bring in traffic.

A web designer can adopt different styles of web designing to suit the needs of your company. However, it is important that the designer choose a style that matches the need of the brand. Also, there is no need of choosing one single style. A designer can merge more than one style and bring about something that is unique.

Here are some creative and awesome web designs for you:

Make Use of Cartoons and Illustrations
Bring life to your design with illustrations and cartoons. There can be hand-drawn elements or you can also make use of vector imagery. Options are aplenty and the more creative you are, the more options you have.

Make Use of Two (only) Colours
Well, this might not sound very attractive to you. However, you would know how good it looks when you try it yourself. This idea is being used by more than one web development company as it lets the web designer focus on different aspects of the design like layout and typography.

It is important to focus on the content that would be published on the website. As it is based on a minimalist design trend, it would increase the visitor’s focus on content naturally.

Make Use of Realistic Photos
Also known as photorealism, this involves using an image that would immediately draw the attention of the user due to the associated realism. Most designers use such an image for the background and you can use to complement the content present on the website. Search the internet for ideas, as there is no dearth of websites using photorealism.

If you want your users to just focus on the content of your website, this is another great way to do it. Transparency involves placing the content above images to make the text more readable. There are many sites on the web that rely on this style to a great extent.

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It is known that typography also makes content more readable. However, its design also has an important role to play. Beautiful typography is an art and there is so much you can do with it.

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Author: Sarah Smith

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