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Steps for building a successful website -Strategic Web Design

Web design is not an easy task. It has the power to make or break a business. Website is the face or identity of the business so has to be perfect. It must reflect what it has in terms of product or services. Website designing consists of complete collection of different skills like copywriting, typography, art and layouts. All these attributes when fused give us a website which gives the user a pleasant experience with loads of features. The design also communicates function and facilitates easy access to the content.

For achieving the goal of fusing all these elements of web design one must think strategically.

So, what is actually a strategic web design?

It is a combination of organizational goals with each and every aspect of design process. You create a design which is not only good for the user to function or navigate but also for achieving organization’s goal.
Number of websites are present which gives us fantastic feeling while navigating. But they forget to implement the techniques which profoundly reflect their business. Like, if you are promoting a video game, your website should consist of graphics and features which portrays that feeling and style. Your website aesthetic part is very much important.

So, here we will learn how to think strategically about a web design project:

Establish your goals
Before starting your work make a goal and be clear about your and the organization’s goal. A website is an interface that serves a function. That function can be to deliver information only, to sell product, to provide services or anything. Whatever may be the function, your website should be able to fulfill that.

Identify your audience
For whom you are designing a website matters a lot. Web design for younger audience will be totally different from a business journal. There are many demographics of web design like age, gender, profession etc. you need to think according to the mind of the audience and not you.

Determine your brand image
Too many designers get inspired by the websites and implement those design techniques without giving a second thought about its usability and importance for their website. You should first think about the design whether it delivers what it has to and then move further with the design trends. Do not go for the designs and techniques which follow. That technique might be fruitful for them but not yours.

Goal driven Design Direction
How to make your website design different from others?

I. Make an “About Us” page which truly shows what your business is all about. Your visitors should be clear about your website functions.

II. Use right color and contrast to highlight the registration button or links clearly visible to the audience.

III. Organize your registration process by removing optional and unnecessary elements. Keep the registration form simple and precise. Longer forms are generally nor filled by the people.

These 3 techniques will make a huge difference to your website traffic if implemented in the way it is required.

Measure results
After designing and making it live, it is time to check your results. If your goal is to increase the number of sign ups check whether your changes are making positive impact or not.

Or if you wish to increase the numbers of subscribers check your RSS statistics. You can also ask your audience for their feedbacks which is the biggest and the most trusted source of improvement in web designing.
You can even use free tools of Google analytics to measure your business performance.

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So, web designing is not an easy task as it seems. It has a lot to do with customer and the demography as well. Strategic web design helps in accomplishing the task of getting business. So, before moving any further just make sure that you are implementing right web design practices for the right purpose.


Author: Sarah Smith

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