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The Three Pillars of SEO: Authority, Trust and Relevance

Three Pillars of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the best technique to make sure that your website is reachable to various search engines and improve the chances of popularity among customers. To get higher ranking placement, it is essential to make use of different tactics and strategies to boost up the number of visitors coming towards your website. Most of the SEO Services make use of the three-phase technique to manage and rank the website.

3 Major Phases Of SEO

Web Crawling: The search engines could not discover what is posted on the internet. However, it is recognized by other factors such as web crawlers, spiders, and robots. This method facilitates you to develop the index by making use of crawler algorithm to find all the information available on the World Wide Web.

Indexing: The web crawler saves the webpage copy & it is then returned & stored within the data center. Therefore, the index is considered to be the warehouse of the webpage.

Algorithm: It is regarded as the final stage where the spiders consider the specific keyword & match that information with the index page. By doing so, the appropriate information will be offered in sooner time. It is known as Google algorithm. Irrespective of being lengthy and complex equations, algorithm aids in acquiring what one looks for.

Significance Of 3 Essential Key Factors

These are the significant key factors handled by Top SEO Agency to bring desired results which the website owner wants for.

TOP SEO Agency

Authority is considered to be a qualitative measure which improves the overall visibility & ranking of your site. To achieve this, most of the SEO experts handle the tactic of increasing the authority of the website. Some of the added aspects involved in authority are highly-informative content for creating high-quality, effective links. Since authority does not guarantee for search visibility single-handedly.

The key factor for becoming relevance in SERPs and acquiring higher ranking is by obtaining adequate backlinks for the website. This seems to boost up the trust flow and hence citation flow will gradually get an increase due to it. The citation flow includes all kinds of backlinks whereas trust flow includes only qualitative backlinks. But, both of the relevancy will direct towards the specific Domain. Thus, Google considers for the contextual relevance of website & offer higher ranking depending upon the backlinks obtained from the trusted website.

Trust is known to be the important factor in search engines & in assessing the link quality. Google’s trust factor depends upon several factors. If your website is found trustful then your site will get higher ranking on some Google searches. Therefore, develop high quality web content & include high-quality links to create off-page trust. Furthermore, you can also link your website with any of the social accounts like Facebook because it boosts up the chances of gaining Google’s trust.

Keep in mind that increasing trust is not quite an easy process as it takes a long time even for the virtual world. Therefore, you must never deviate away from the path because Google usually avoids untrustworthy sites in their search engine ranking results.


Author: Sarah Smith

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